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5 Useful Writing Tips to Make Your Content Appealing


Writing is the backbone of businesses and marketing. So, how do you make your content more appealing?

Good content requires a lot of work, research, and other aspects to work properly. Research suggests that 70% of audiences today get most of their information today from blogs rather than traditional news or ads.

Thus, the importance of using the right tactics to stand out increases. Today’s article will help you do just that with five incredible tips. So, let’s get going.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Content Appealing

Using the right methods to stand out in content requires a lot of work in different areas. This includes using the right grammatical practices and structuring your content properly.

In this section, we’re diving into five tips to help you do that. Here they are:

1. Be Concise, But Descriptive

Writing lengthy and boring sentences or paragraphs is never a good idea in any sort of writing. When a sentence begins, so does the idea. And, by the time the sentence ends, it should add something. So, if the sentence is too long, the idea becomes tangled.

In other words, it becomes boring, and the reader might not be interested in reading it all. That’s why it’s important to tend to three aspects:

  • Concise;
  • Descriptive;
  • and simple.

Granted, writing types like research papers or academic essays require complex language. But unless you’re writing those, you have no excuse to use out-of-the-ordinary language. Keep it simple and casual, as if you’re in a conversation.

This way, your reader will comprehend your writing a lot better. Furthermore, it allows you to explain complex things in a short, simple way and helps the audience understand things in layman’s terms.

But making information concise yet brief can cause redundancy, leading to duplication. To avoid that, you can take assistance from a summarizing tool which ensures concisely compiling information without causing plagiarism.


Content Appealing

2. Provide A Brief Summary Alongside It

A good way to show your professionalism in writing is by providing a summary of your content. In SEO content, these summaries are called meta descriptions and are used as a way to provide a synopsis of the content.

In academia, these summaries are used to describe the motivations and methods of the writers behind the content. But how do you summarize content? There are a few ways, such as:

  • Reading your content repeatedly;
  • Writing condensed sentences for each section;
  • Writing about 10-15% of your entire content’s length;
  • Using a summarizing tool to save time.

These practices can help you write an outstanding summary and, as a result, make your content more appealing.

If it is challenging for you to adjust an extensive piece of information in your content, then it’s wise to take assistance from the technology. In this case, a summarizing tool can provide you with all the options to write a unique and descriptive summary with just a few clicks.

These tools are programmed to concisely extract and feature all the necessary keywords and main points. This way, your readers will get an overview of all the core elements mentioned in your academic paper.


3. Embellish Your Content with Stats, Visuals, Etc.

Content with stats, visuals, and infographics is always a good choice. Without all these factors, the content appears barren and difficult to read. Remember, people are visual learners and learn a lot better when information gives them something to imagine.

Statistics allows them to understand the gravity of any situation. Visuals like infographics or images allow them to grasp the idea more firmly. That’s why it’s important that you use stats and visuals, such as:

  • Descriptive statistics;
  • Infographics depicting stats;
  • Infographics depicting charts;
  • List infographics;
  • How-to infographics;
  • Location-based or map infographics;
  • Honeycomb infographics.

These types of visual elements in your content will make it appear all the more professional. The best part about it all is the fact that your information will be visualized through these. In the process, your content doesn’t only become more appealing, but it also stands out in all types of audiences.

And it makes you look more like a professional writer. That’s why it’s important that you use these factors wherever you can. Another thing you can do is use facts as a way to hook your audience in. So, if your topic allows it, write a section about intriguing facts regarding your topic.

4. Always Correct Grammar & Punctuation

Grammatical errors are unacceptable; you’re never exempt from them. Nowadays, it’s way too easy to correct them with grammar checkers, online editors, etc. So, there’s practically no excuse left for grammatical or punctuation errors.

The thing about grammatical errors is that they make your content look bad. Whereas punctuations make your content easier to read. It gives your audience an idea of where the paragraph ends and how the idea concludes with it.

So, try using a grammar corrector or any other tool that you see fit to ensure that your content’s grammar is top-notch and up to the mark.

5. Structure Content Properly


Structure Content Properly
Structure Content Properly

From the beginning, it’s your job to make your content stand out with a proper structure. This means using the headings, subheadings, and other methods a lot more efficiently. Here’s an idea about how you can do that:

  • Start off with the topic’s heading/title;
  • Use the first subheading (H2) as a description of the topic’s subject;
  • Use the second subheading (H2) as the pulp of your content, with H3 subheadings within it;
  • Conclude the text with the final H2 heading.

Moreover, it’s important that you used elements like bullet points and numbered points within the article as well.


These are some of the best tips to help you make your content a lot more appealing. Therefore, it’s important that you focus on these aspects to stand out, and deliver the best content you possibly can to your audience.

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