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7 Smartphones You Ought To Know About in 2022

At first, it was computers that completely transformed our society. It allowed all of us to switch from paper records to digital records. In 2022, we carry those computers right in our pockets and we call them smartphones. Smartphones combine mobile phone technology and computing functions into one unit.

The major reason for the steep rise in smartphone popularity is its ever-increasing accessibility and affordability. Almost all major cell phone carriers offer smartphones with friendly payment plans for their customers, I’ve opted for Spectrum phones and plans for my family too. Getting a smartphone isn’t too difficult anymore but choosing the right one can be.

Here’s our list of the top 7 smartphones in the US in 2022 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This piece of art is the best Android smartphone in the market right now. It comes with 16Gb RAM and up to 512Gb of storage, truly making it a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. The battery life is well equipped to last an entire day without the need to charge. Have we mentioned that it also comes with a 108MP rear camera? That’s right, if you like photography, you’re going to love this. This smartphone does lean on the pricier side but the product clearly offers value for money.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 

You can’t talk about Samsung without mentioning their all-in-one note series. This device is an all-time favorite for Android lovers which comes with a massive 6.9-inch screen. It comes with a great camera with features of 5x optical zoom as well as a 50x digital zoom. The Note 20 also makes a return with the SPen allowing for newer features. You can record voice notes and sync them along with your written notes. This smartphone may be a little too much for a casual user, but it’s a lifesaver for those who want the best for professional and personal use.

iPhone 13 Pro

Without a doubt, the iPhone was always going to make it on our list. The latest iPhone 13 Pro is the best version of the smartphone available today. The newer version comes with better and improved battery life, cameras, and refresh rates. There are two screen sizes offered with this phone, the 6.1 inch, and 6.7-inch versions. In all honesty, there haven’t been any major upgrades in the new iPhone compared to its previous version, but it’s one of the best phones in the market.


iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 was the greatest iPhone version in use until the iPhone 13 range was released. It offers great battery life and comes with a lot more user-friendly features. The only red flag is its price, you can even buy a Samsung with a much bigger screen for the same price. For a lot of iOS users though, it’s not convenient switching towards Android phones and hence the iPhone 12 makes for a pretty compelling choice.


Google Pixel 6

The new Google Pixel 6 rates at a solid #5 spot on our list. The much-awaited new Google series comes with one of the best cameras in the smartphone industry today, with a 50MP camera combined with Google’s photo software. It’s priced to be cheaper than the iPhone 13 and the Samsung S21, making for a great phone at an affordable price. Along with the camera, the new Google Pixel has been installed with the new Tensor chip, which Google has alleged will take the phone’s AI performance to the next level.

OnePlus 9 Pro 

OnePlus phones have always attracted a niche market of Android enthusiasts who are looking for an attractive alternative to Samsung devices. Its elegant software and sleek design put the OnePlus 9 Pro on our list as well. The greatest feature this phone has to offer is its camera. OnePlus really outdid itself with this series by placing a strong emphasis on photography. OnePlus specifically partnered with the brilliant photography brand Hasselblad to enhance its picture quality.

Asus ROG Phone 5


This phone took a spot on our list for a special reason, it’s simply the best phone in the market for gamers. Asus created this series to specifically cater to mobile gamers. The device comes with a massive 6.78-inch screen, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 300Hz touch sampling rate making it the ultimate phone for all you mobile gamers out there. It also comes with a whopping 6000mAh battery allowing you to comfortably enjoy gaming sessions with your friends.

Since Asus focused mainly on catering to gamers some features have been consciously ignored by the makers. The smartphone’s camera is fairly decent but is no comparison to the other market giants. It also weighs a bit on the heavy side and is quite larger than the average smartphone.

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