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A Complete review of One Click Drive

One-Click Drive – App Review

It’s not uncommon to see luxury cars wandering around Dubai on the roads. As a matter of fact, it won’t be term it a haven for luxury car lovers. From BMW to Ferrari, you will find every type of luxury and supercar hire. Let’s check A Complete review of One Click Drive.

Even if you want, you can rent one of these luxury cars quite easily. There are many car rental options here. Simply search rent Ferrari Dubai, and you will have a whole lot of options at your disposal. One that stands out among the most is One Click Drive. As the name depicts, it allows emirates to rent a car with just one click.

It is one of the leading car rental services in the UAE that promises a hassle-free experience. To further streamline the car renting process and provide its clients with a quick and easy experience, the company has also announced a smartphone application, named One Click Drive.

Check out the in-depth review of this application:

One Click Drive
      One Click Drive

The Good Side

Striking yet Simple Interface

The interface of a smartphone application directly impacts its usability. The smoother the interface, the easier the application is to use. Once Click Drive scores full points in this regard. It has a striking and very appealing-to-eye interface, which is quite easy to use. The smooth interface allows easy scrolling and navigation.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a tech expert to be able to use it. Even if you are a new smartphone user, you can effortlessly use One Click Drive and explore its feature. To rent a car, all you have to do is to select a location and then choose the category of cars. You will have a range of vehicles on your screen to choose from. Clicking on a vehicle will enable you to see its specifications and other details. You can also request a car or chauffer services for future use.

A Wide Selection

What does every car lover desire? A wide selection of cars, isn’t it? And this is exactly what the One Click Drive application offers. The company has an extensive fleet of vehicles available in different categories. These include convertible, electric, supercars, sports cars, SUVs, etc. You can also rent cars for commercial use from this application.

Apart from that, One Click Drive also offers chauffeur services. You can rent a car with or without a driver.

Feature-rich Application

The application comes with many features. Firstly, it allows people to rent a car on the go. Not only this, but you can request a car for future use. Or add cars you frequently rent to your favorite section. The search results come with many filters. With the help of these filters, you can sort cars according to your requirements and specifications. For example, you will only see cars on your screen of specific brands or models. Or you can sort them according to the budget (prices low to high or high to low). This certainly makes it easier and quicker to rent a luxury car in the UAE.

Rent a Car Anywhere in the UAE

With One Click Drive, you can rent a car anywhere in the UAE. This service is available in all the emirates of the country. Apart from the UAE, it covers international destinations as well. You can find rental cars in Melbourne, Baku, Tbilisi, Munich, Kuala Lumpur, Marrakesh, Muscat, Phuket, Geneva, and various other cities like The best car rental services in Ahmedabad at best prices.


The Bad Side

While the application does well in most aspects, it lacks behind in the support section. There’s no live chat feature. So, if you have a problem or get stuck somewhere, you will not have instant support. Besides that, there’s no major glitch or error we encountered while using this application.

The Verdict

Overall, One Click Drive promises what it delivers – an easy, hassle-free, and quick process of renting a car. It provides users with a lot of rental packages, from daily weekly, to monthly. There are no developmental issues as well. It is an error and bug-free application that offers a smooth experience.

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