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AI Headshot Generator: Easily get professional photos for every occasion

Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential component of our life. We all interact with and use AI on a regular basis, whether we intend to or not. From smart TVs, smartphones, banking, factories – AI is everywhere in life. At the same time, photography has witnessed a huge advancement from analog to digital and now AI integration. Previously, paying for professional photos was too expensive, particularly for people just starting the workforce. However, now thanks to the emergence of Generative AI, anyone can obtain high quality, professional headshots at a lower cost. With the integration of a AI headshot generator, obtaining high-quality professional headshot has become accessible and affordable for everyone, revolutionizing the photography industry.

In this article, we will introduce you to our selection of the 5 best AI Headshot Generators that can provide you with the perfect and professional job photo at a very low price.  

Turn Your Photos into Professional Portraits

AI Headshot Generator uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance and modify your photos by converting everyday photos into professional grade photos. They can be used for social media profiles, personal websites, resumes, or any situation that requires high-quality professional photos. AI Headshot Generator was developed with artificial intelligence algorithms that evaluate your facial emotions, facial shapes, and other bodily traits to produce realistic, professional-looking images. This AI tool is ideal for presenters, entrepreneurs, white-collar workers, job seekers, models, YouTubers, video bloggers and other types of individuals.

AI Headshot Generator:

AI Headshot Generator is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform your photos into professional-looking portraits. You can use it to create high-quality headshots for your social media profiles, personal websites, resumes, or any other purpose that requires a polished image. AI Headshot Generator analyzes your facial features, expressions, and poses to produce realistic and flattering results. It is a fast and easy way to enhance your online presence and personal brand.

Here are 5 AI Headshot Generator that we recommend to you after using and experiencing them:

  1. Fotor

Fotor is a great program for graphic designers or photo editors. It has a lot more capabilities in addition to the AI Headshot Generator. They provide a free AI photo enhancer, AI image generator, background remover and old photo restoration, among others. With Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator, you can create unique professional portraits for personal resumes, social media, or the workplace. If you want to generate high-quality professional photos that look professional, give this tool a try.

  • Free ai headshot generator

Fotor is a free online photo editor that offers various features and effects to enhance and edit your photos. You can use Fotor to create professional headshots from any photo, and customize them with different backgrounds, outfits, filters, and stickers. Fotor also has AI tools that can improve photo quality, remove backgrounds, and generate art from text. Fotor has a free version that allows you to access basic features, limited templates, and design resources. However, if you want to use Fotor for commercial purposes, you need to upgrade to a premium account. You can learn more about Fotor and its free version here.

  • What are the premium features of Fotor?

Fotor offers a comprehensive suite of premium features that take photo editing to the next level. With advanced tools for color correction, contrast adjustment, and sharpening, users can enhance the clarity and vibrancy of their images. Additionally, Fotor’s premium subscription unlocks exclusive filters, effects, and templates, allowing for creative expression and professional-grade results.

Some of the premium features of Fotor are:

  • Advanced features and AI tools like beauty touch-up, background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, auto-resized designs, high dynamic range (HDR) tech, etc
  • 1000 HD stock photos for personal and commercial use
  • 300+ Premium photo effects and frames
  • 300+ Stylish fonts
  • Sync photos and works online to access anywhere
  • Massive storage in Fotor cloud
  • File management
  • Ad-free
  • Applicable for multiple platforms including Fotor website, Fotor app (iOS/Android) and Fotor Mac/Windows
  • 100 free credits each month

These are some of the benefits of subscribing to Fotor Pro plan. If you want more features and resources, you can upgrade to Fotor Pro+ plan, which includes:

  • 1,000,000+ HD stock photos for personal and commercial use
  • Larger cloud space (10G)
  • Brand kits
  • 300 free credits each month

You can compare the plans and pricing by visiting this page.

  • Range of style options

Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator offers a range of style options, including business, academic, and creative styles. You can generate the most relevant headshots to enhance the coherence of your profile, whether it’s on LinkedIn, your resume, or your website’s personal bio. Just upload a few photos and selfies, and the AI will generate a perfect headshot in your chosen style.

  • Fotor’s key features

One of Fotor’s key features is that you also get its photo editing tools when you make a purchase. After creating your professional headshots, you can further adjust them using Fotor’s photo editing tools to refine them according to your personalized needs. Another advantage of Fotor is that it also has a mobile application, allowing you to process photos on the go, so you can generate your professional headshots anywhere, anytime.

Fotor Free ai headshot generator

  1. Aragon AI

Aragon was created by former Meta and Microsoft technology masters, making it one of our list’s most popular choices, generating over 1.4 million headshots per month. It works by uploading at least 14 high quality selfies to Aragon, then creates a custom AI model. Therefore, Aragon can generate at least 40 high quality professional headshots within an hour or two. 

Aragon AI Headshot Generator

  1. HeadshotPro

Our next AI Headshot Generator on the list is HeadshotPro. Similar to Aragon, HeadshotPro will train a custom AI model based on your photos to generate high quality AI professional photos for your use. It provides various backgrounds and different attires in the output, so you can pick different photos for specific environments.

HeadshotPro AI Headshot Generator

  1. Artguru

Artguru leverages the powerful capabilities of Generative AI to create stunning high-definition portraits of your headshots. It has hundreds of styles for you to choose from and custom-creates the most suitable headshot according to your needs.

Artguru AI Headshot Generator

  1. Simplified

Simplified is an all-in-one AI toolkit that handles photo editing and publishing your content to social media platforms. It has all the tools needed to enhance your digital persona, including an AI Headshot Generator.

Simplified AI Headshot Generator


Professional headshots are vital for promoting yourself or your business in the digital era. They increase credibility, boost your brand, and assist customers comprehend the person behind the company’s name. Before artificial intelligence, professional portraits were out of reach for some. Now with AI-powered tools, anyone can obtain new personal professional photos for social media, business cards, or websites. Leverage the above AI headshot generators to produce photos with professional looks without needing a photography studio or photoshoot, saving your precious time and money.

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