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Best E-commerce CRO Tips for Your Business


The digital e-commerce world is getting competitive. You miss an inch of an opportunity, and your potential customer can become someone else’s. So, you need to understand that conversion rates are the most important metric upon which you’ll build your business. 

In a survey conducted among businesses in both the US and the UK, 90% revealed that most brands make personalized efforts to increase ROI. So, it is important to remember that conversion does not occur out of nowhere. You need to execute CRO strategies to prioritize your customers and uplift your website. So, let us understand why we need to apply these e-commerce CRO tips for your businesses, especially if you’re working with an e-commerce PPC agency.

What is CRO for e-commerce? 

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It is the percentage of your website visitors that purchased your online business. To list a few other conversions: 

  • Adding products to the cart  
  • Adding products to a Wishlist
  • Customer login
  • Social media shares

Thus, CRO for e-commerce refers to increasing the percentage of visitors and encouraging them to convert into paying customers. This eventually generates sales and creates high profitability. 

So, how can we increase conversions? Experts will advise testing, but before stepping into that, you need to hear our e-commerce CRO tips for you. These tips are beneficial to improve your CRO and give your business a unique identity. 

Read the following section to understand how you can increase e-commerce conversion rates on your website. 

Best e-commerce CRO tips 

CRO is a marketing strategy to increase the number of website visitors. And to turn this statement into reality, you need some optimization tactics. These methods have proven beneficial to direct traffic to your online store. 

So, here are the e-commerce CRO tips for you: 

Cart abandonment reduction strategies

You must have been ghosted by your leads many times as an online business. Customers visit the product page several times, put the item in the cart, and disappear just before checkout. The most common reasons behind this tragedy can be the confusing checkout process, no discounts or promo codes, shipping charges, or even delayed app performance. Now, these can be solved by applying the following cart abandonment reduction strategies: 

Improve checkout UX

Focus on how your checkout flow looks like. Keeping in mind the sizes of different mobiles and tablets, create a personalized UX that is easy to understand and has a great view of icons. 

Minimize clicks 

Follow the e-commerce CRO tips and make adding to the cart until the checkout straightforward, short, and quick. There is nothing more frustrating than a shopping experience with several questions. 

Variety of payment modes

Serve a variety of payment options to the audience. Ensure the payment process takes place within milliseconds and the order is confirmed. 

Minimal information and filter options

Your website should have minimal information on the landing pages and ahead. Provide various filter options to make it quick for the viewer to find the product. 

Checkout Process Optimization

As discussed previously, a confusing or lengthy checkout process can irritate the customer and cause them to leave the cart unattended. To avoid this situation, make sure to optimize the checkout process for your online business. 

Simplify your checkout process by applying these e-commerce CRO tips: 

  1. Minimize steps: Reduce the number of checkout steps and focus on one-page checkout. 
  2. Guest checkout: Create an option for customers to make payments and place orders without creating an account. 
  3. Auto-fill forms: This strategy covers the shipping address automatically with the help of postal codes. It also fills in the delivery address itself if previous purchases have been made. 
  4. Security badges: Gain the trust of your customers by displaying certified badges during the payment process. 
  5. Confirmation page: Users get a sense of satisfaction by viewing a confirmation page after successful payment. 

Product Page Optimization

Product page optimization aims to improve and fine-tune product pages in online stores. An attractive product page with a crisp description can increase conversions and sales. It is advised to identify the difficult areas of the page and execute strategic changes. This shall make your page more user-friendly, appealing, and persuasive to potential buyers.

So, here are some e-commerce CRO tips to make the audience engage with your product page: 

Clear product descriptions

Give your products a detailed, accurate, and qualitative description. Specify what people like to see, like product material, usage, ingredients, etc. Upload high-quality videos and photos to top it off. 

Use strategic keywords

Ensure that strategic keywords are used in the product title and description. This shall help your potential customers to find your page or website easily. 

Reviews and ratings

Have a section of the product page dedicated to past ratings and reviews. Customers get assurance when they read the reviews and view the images posted by other buyers. This is a selling point for many businesses. 

Optimize page speed

Slow loading is the main reason behind increasing bounce rates. Optimize page speed by using CDN, aka content delivery network, minimizing HTTP requests, or compressing images. 

User Experience Enhancement

Improving the overall experience for the audience interacting with a product is called user experience enhancement. Online stores need this improvisation to make their interface more efficient, enjoyable, and informative for the users. 

Some of the e-commerce CRO tips to enhance user experience are: 

Easy navigation 

The best navigation systems are logical and intuitive. People should easily find something they are looking for without hurdles.

Clear and concise content

Use plain language and avoid jargon. Provide options for different languages for diverse audiences. Break bigger paragraphs into digestible chunks. 

Mobile Optimization 

The majority of the customers use mobiles to place an order. Ensure that your application or website is optimized for these users with a mobile-friendly layout and responsive design. 

Visual design and branding

Your website needs a unique design that reflects your brand identity. Maintain consistent branding across all the pages to give a professional look. 

Feedback and support

Ensure it is easy to contact customer support to solve any issue faced by the customer. 

Why is CRO important for businesses? 

CRO can help a business owner cover customer acquisition costs by increasing the number of visitors and existing buyers. Applying the mentioned e-commerce CRO tips can increase revenue per visitor and grow your brand by acquiring more customers. 

So, here is the expanded version of why CRO is important: 

Return on investment

With the help of e-commerce CRO tips, you can receive value from your leads by encouraging them to complete a desired action. Such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. The more people become your customers, the higher the revenue is generated. Thus, higher ROI. 


Acquiring customers through advertising can be expensive. Thus, you can benefit from the traffic you already have by advancing your conversion rates. Thus, resources are used effectively, saving you time and money. 

Competitive advantage 

With the help of e-commerce CRO tips, you can create a well-optimized website. This website gives you a competitive edge when you provide a better user experience. So, you can convert more visitors into customers and retain more connections over time. 

Data-driven decisions 

E-commerce CRO tips work effectively when you can identify the areas of improvement on your website. Here is when you need past data to decide and prioritize changes. With data-driven decisions, your work on specific goals positively impacts conversion rates. 

Customer insights 

A business should religiously follow the analysis of its customer behavior to understand their preferences, pain points, and needs. Applying e-commerce CRO tips provides valuable insights that help you understand and take action for the betterment of your audiences. 

Overall, CRO is the hidden gem that will improve your website. You can also hire an e-commerce PPC agency to do all of this work. They are a group of experts with extensive experience in enhancing the websites of various businesses. It helps you stay ahead of your competitors by making you future-ready. 


So, now you are all set to optimize your website with e-commerce CRO tips. CRO marketing works on this mantra: work smarter, not harder. Focus on optimizing website speed, using high-quality images, giving your products a generous yet quirky description, and seeing yourself improving your customer experience. By continuously applying these tactics, you shall drive growth to your business and accomplish goals even in this competitive marketplace. 

Scarlett Wei

Scarlett Wei, an outreach specialist and SEO expert hailing from the UK. With over 4 years of experience in the dynamic world of digital marketing. I specialize in crafting engaging content and building effective SEO strategies. My journey in this field has honed my skills in link building and search engine optimization, empowering brands to achieve their digital objectives. I'm committed to delivering top-notch results and driving online growth.

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