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Best Online M.Tech Courses In India


M.Tech or Master of Technology is a two-year postgraduate course that is associated with significant technologies and paves the way for new forms of development and research. The course may be full-time, sponsored, part-time, or project staff. 

To get admission in M.Tech, the students have to go through various national level and institution level examinations, which include UPSEE, OJEE, TANCET, and GATE, among others. Students can also enroll in M.Tech without giving the entrance examination. 


Engineers have always been in great demand, and it continues to grow with each passing year. In addition, engineering rivalry has been increasing, and the field is through the survival of the fittest process. Obtaining a B.Tech degree is the primary eligibility condition for becoming an engineer. However, in today’s competitive environment, higher education is required to be a successful engineer. In this discipline, an M.Tech degree is required. 


Candidates studying M.Tech via distance learning or online can master the same skills as those pursuing M.Tech in a traditional classroom setting. They can pursue the course to acquire sound knowledge while also becoming a formidable market opponent. M.Tech prices range from INR 1.5 to INR 35 lakhs for distance learning and online programs. Candidates must have a B.Tech, M.Sc, or MCA degree in order to pursue this degree online.


List of M.Tech Courses

M.Tech courses can be pursued with a diverse set of specializations. Candidates can choose the specialization that best suits their needs and interests. A number of specifications are available for the M.Tech course as provided below:


M.Tech Computer Science

M.Tech Biotechnology

M.Tech Cyber Security

M.Tech CSE

M.Tech Biomedical Engineering 

M.Tech Civil Engineering

M.Tech Artificial Intelligence

M.Tech Structural Engineering 

M.Tech Electrical Engineering 

M.Tech Aerospace Engineering

M.Tech Engineering

M.Tech Data Analytics

M.Tech Data Science

M.Tech Environmental Engineering

M.Tech Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech Defence Technology

M.Tech Cloud Computing

M.Tech Marine Engineering 

M.Tech Power Electronics

M.Tech Nano Science and Technology

M.Tech VLSI Design

M.Tech Informational Technology

M.Tech CAD/ CAM 

Twingo Tech Digital Communication

M.Tech Automobile Engineering 

M.Tech Electronics and Computer Engineering


Importance of M.Tech


M.Tech degree makes you proficient in your workspace and gives you a lot more extensive and better chances over others with four-year certifications. When you have an M.Tech degree, there are numerous choices accessible to seek after your schooling vocation. Some of them are referenced underneath: 


  1. Doctoral certificate: If you have as of now acquired your post-graduation in experts of innovation, then, at that point, a Ph.D. is, however, the best decision to extend your schooling skyline with a Ph.D. degree. You can additionally get into exploring and investigating their space of work. 


  1. Business: Students holding graduate degrees can start their own business. This is an ideal choice for understudies who have a lot of capital. 


iii. Instructing calling: Teaching calling is the ideal way out. It won’t just give understudies work fulfillment, yet they will likewise get simple compensation. 


  1. Corporate positions: Those M.Tech graduates who will satisfy the qualification models of finding a new line of work, can without much of a stretch, get an opportunity to work in huge organizations like Google, Microsoft, and then some.


Best Platforms Providing Online M.Tech Courses:


Because M.Tech is a technical subject, delivering it via distance learning or online is particularly difficult. A Master of Technology degree earned on campus is usually preferred. Depending on the university, entry to the distance M.Tech program is based on a merit list or an entrance exam. Distance education colleges always have a lower average cost of attendance. It is suitable for students who are unable to complete the course full-time. The study materials are either mailed to the contact address or made available online. The details about some of the online learning platforms that provide M.Tech degree has been provided below:


Great Learning Online M.Tech Course.-


Great Learning is one of India’s driving ed-tech organizations for professional and advanced education. They offer applicable vocation projects from top-notch colleges in the most sought-after areas, and the candidates get all the study-related content online. It is an excellent option for working professionals to enhance their skills and pursue online M.Tech degree courses or other diplomas while working with their respective institutions. Great Learning offers industry-related web-based projects in Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, Full Stack Development, DevOps, and many more. The cost is comparatively lesser as compared to offline courses.


Great Learning has made affiliations from top institutions so the degree can be pursued from well-renowned institutions. Great Learning provides M.Tech courses in the below-mentioned specifications:

Data Science

Data Engineering

Data Analytics

Data Science and Machine learning 


IGNOU M.Tech Program


Candidates seeking admission to IGNOU’s courses are chosen based on their suitability, followed by the required entrance score/merit in the examination. Admissions to IGNOU take place twice a year, in January and July. IGNOU admits students based on their performance in the last qualifying examination. It is one of the standard universities for distance learning and online courses.


IGNOU provides M.Tech degrees in a variety of fields, including:

Information Technology

Cyber Forensics

VLSI Design

Networking and Telecommunications

Design and Information Security


Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru (IISc), M.Tech


This program will be accessible just in online mode to supporting associations. IISc will go into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the supporting foundation. Classes and content will be in every way conveyed on the web. Evaluation will be founded on a blend of the web and administered assessments, as dictated by the IISc. Affirmation will be under the MoA with the supporting establishment. The association will initially wait-list the competitors; the last determination will be founded on a further composed or potentially an internet-based meeting directed by IISc. Admission to the chosen candidates will be offered if the supporting association has marked the MoA with IISc. The length of the program is two to three years.


IISc provided M.Tech in the following specifications:

Data Science and Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Electronics and Communication Engineering


IIT Hyderabad M.Tech

IIT Hyderabad is one of the top colleges in India to pursue an M.Tech degree. Hyderabad has recently introduced an online M.Tech program with 5 specifications: Industrial Metallurgy, VLSI and Microelectronics, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, EV Technology, and Computational Mechanics. Candidates can apply for these courses through the official website of IIT Hyderabad. 



Master of Technology is an all-around picked course choice for students who need to utilize their involvement with science and innovation. M.Tech certificates assist students with pushing forward in their vocations and land up in excellent driving leader positions in enterprises, prominent organizations, and research associations. A Master’s degree for working professionals is available through distance learning or online so that they can get real-life experience parallel to their studies..


An M.Tech course enables students to be gifted working experts in different fields and to foster exploration of an arranged attitude with sensible and insightful reasoning capacities. Thus, it is an excellent option for working professionals to pursue their postgraduate courses online.


While choosing online courses, candidates should consider other factors such as duration, fee structure, field of interest, etc., before opting for a particular course. 

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