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CBD Oil As A Personal Fitness Coach in Australia


Hi all, I’m Andrew, a 25-year-old fitness trainer based in Melbourne. Today, I’ll be breaking down my story on why I use CBD Oil Australia and how it’s helped me overcome my greatest challenges as a personal trainer. I hope my story inspires those interested in taking CBD with reliable information to get started.

As a fitness enthusiast, the wonders of performance-enhancing drugs on the market are just overwhelming and sometimes outright ludicrous. I’ve always truly believed and taught my clients that a great sleeping habit and a healthy diet is the key to achieving your fitness goals. In the shoes of a fitness trainer, however, it can be strenuous on the body as I’m at the gym most days of the week for my clients and training them to be in better physical shape.

Last year I damaged my rotator cuffs while I was doing some self-training and had a handful of clients to train the following week. This was a devastating blow to my schedule as I could no longer take on as many clients and even train them in the way I intended, as most of my training was hands-on.

This was becoming a real issue to me as inflation has driven my living expenses beyond my budget. I needed to get myself back on track. Adding artificial components to my diet could only help me in the short term. I heavily needed something to improve my recovery and really bring my body back to how it was before. At this time, the word was buzzing around that CBD has been legalized in Australia. Now, I didn’t realize this was relevant to my case until one evening I was reading an article about CBD for Athletes and needed to get my hands on CBD immediately at least to try it out. It was a perfect solution as I had learned CBD is a completely naturally occurring substance and had zero side effects in the short and long term.

So, I took my chances and bought my first bottle of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil from Lullaby Luxury. This CBD brand is based in Australia and offers certified quality CBD oil. My order arrived as expected, within 3 days, and also came with some helpful information on taking CBD. Within a week I had noticed a tremendous effect on my ability to recover post-workout and on my sleep quality. As I’ve aged over the years, I did notice an odd decline in my ability to get a good rest and I knew it’s also been affecting my injury recovery.

Now, I’ve been taking CBD regularly for a solid 8 months and cannot be happier with the results. I’ve been able to grow my client base and maintain my physical health throughout my growth flawlessly with the help of CBD. I truly can’t thank the government enough for coming to the decision of legalising CBD use.

If you’re interested in giving CBD a try, I can promise you it’s worked wonders for me. I think over the years, more and more people will open up about their CBD solution and the general population can understand its natural healing properties for a wide range of uses.

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