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CBD Vape Pen: Disposable Or Refillable, Which Is A Better Choice?


Vaping is a worldwide trend of smoking alternatives with comparatively healthier characteristics than traditional cigarettes. Vaping enthusiasts have an abundance of reasons to use e-cigarettes. The vaping world has brought two compact forms of vapes:


  • Disposable vapes,
  • Refillable vapes.


Every user has different needs and prefers a particular device to serve their desires. Regular vapers are frequent buyers with expert knowledge of the device. But, the beginners have not explored the difference between these modern devices. CBD Vape pen from is indeed an investment irrespective of the pen type you choose. Let’s get a closer look to understand more about these two vape pen types.


CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen


Introduction To Disposable CBD Vape Pens


Disposable means non-reusable. These CBD vapes require no setup or maintenance and are available for single use. Their pen-style structure contains pre-filled e-liquid and a pre-charged battery. Thus, the name disposable suggests that this particular pen-type cigarette is non-refillable and no-rechargeable. One can take it out of the box and use it. Battery depletion or running out of e-liquid makes the device unproductive for further use. So, one can dispose of it once its working tendency gets over.


So, you might wonder how long these pens last? It is a pack of roughly 500 puffs, the same as the puffs of twenty traditional cigarettes. This device gives a smooth hit to your throat. It is relatively safe and offers a gentle level of nic-salt with potential nicotine strength.


What Are Refillable CBD Vape Pens?


Refillable CBD Vape Pens are those pens that come with a refillable cartridge. Their pod is refillable once the e-liquid runs out. Also, it has a rechargeable battery that helps people reuse it according to their desire. It is a reliable alternative to smoking Cannabis due to its discrete use and reasonable price. It contains smoke sensors that activate with every puff you intake. This pen model gives the maximum possibility for flavor selection. There are dozens to hundreds of choices available for choosing a flavorful e-liquid. It consists of four main parts: e-liquid, vape coil, tank, and battery which come in numerous styles.


Benefits Of This Disposable Style Pen


  1. User-oriented Tool


The newbies can relax about the utility of this device. One can take out the CBD vape pen without worrying about refilling or setting it up and take up the puffs easily. Vaping may take a day or two to become a habit. Hence, Disposable devices make it easy for one to decide whether they enjoy vaping or not.


  1. Requires No Maintenance


This pre-dosed pen is pre-fitted as well. Hence, it is free from maintenance. Furthermore, one can test out different vape flavors to decide their favorite.


  1. Requires No Charging


The battery inside this electronic pen is free from charging issues. Its disposable body is pre-charged. Therefore, it does not require any cable for charging.


  1. Cheaper In Advance


Cost is an essential factor that describes your choice regarding e-cig. One can enjoy this teeny-tiny device in extravagant flavors with minimal investment. Disposable CBD vapes come cheap beforehand.


  1. Requires Zero Commitment


Disposable CBD vape frees one from severe commitments and long-term engagements with the device. Its one-time use makes one decide on their preference-friendly flavor. Also, its light size makes it travel convenient and suitable for selecting the best-suited solution for your smoke alternative.


The Drawbacks Of Disposable Pen


  1. Expensive In Case Of Long-term Usage


Although they are cheaper in advance to satisfy your comfort, long-time usage makes them highly expensive. 2ml of e-liquid via disposable pens costs way more than 10ml of e-liquid via rechargeable pens. One can self-realize that this pen quickly adds up to a severe cost. Heavy smokers can go through multiple disposables each day which becomes a loss in their financial life.


  1. Minimal Options For Selection


This particular device style has a basic look that does not vary much. Its e-liquid strength faces limitations, and the e-liquid flavors available within disposable pen cartridges are also minimal.


  1. No Variations And Alterations Possible


Alterations in airflow or vape coil are not available. It implies that one who requires a higher throat hit or better flavorful experience can do nothing regarding it.


  1. It Might Not Be Eco-Friendly


The name disposable suggests that one can get rid of the product once it runs out. It is non-reusable that becomes a waste for mother earth and goes into the landfill. Hence, the potential impact of disposable pens is harmful to the environment. But, one can look for vendors that recycle vape pens safely for you without any additional cost.



Pros Of The Refillable CBD Vape Pens


  1. Quality At Perfection


Its structure is long-lasting with rechargeable and refillable strength. Hence, it stands up to your daily routine. One can reuse it multiple times.


  1. Relatively Cheap For Long-Term Use


Refillable CBD vape is a reliable alternative to smoking that is superior to Disposables. Traditional cigarettes are way more costly than vaping technologies. Although refillable CBD vapes may need a small continual investment in maintenance and e-liquid, it is the bare minimum. The non-usable pen has zero comparison strength.


  1. Excellent Vaping Performance


This vaping device offers multiple options for adjustment and promotes a satisfactory response. It eases changes in the settings, alterations in the airflow, or choices in vape coil to provide the best results. One can switch to any e-liquid as per their preference.


  1. Promotion Of Eco-wealth


Disposables may offer ease of usage, but it comes with the darkness of environment deployment. However, Refillable devices are eco-friendly and promote a recyclable way to save nature. So, one does not require to throw away the pen once the battery fades away.


CBD Vape Pen
CBD Vape Pen


  1. Plethora Of Choices


The flavor you wish, the strength you desire, or the nicotine strength you want is adjustable for serving your comfort. There are a lot of vape styles, sizes, and shapes that refillable pens may offer. The choices have a broad optional range for output wattage, the resistance of the vape coil, and airflow.


Drawbacks To This Refillable Vaping Device


  1. Maintenance Struggle


Periodic changes in this tech device are essential for on-point maintenance. One can refill, recharge, or change device parts for operating the pen device.


  1. Increment Of Upfront Costs


The whole e-cig kit costs much higher than disposable when you purchase it with e-liquid.




Each of the CBD vape types has unique properties and different drawbacks. All CBD vape devices are portable, convenient, and cost-effective, with an optimum flavor and a soothing fragrance. However, all CBD vapes might be far better than any traditional smokable products. Take a wise decision that favors your priorities and dismiss the use of conventional cigarettes! One must sit back, enjoy the vaping era and choose what suits you best.



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