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Crucial Success Tips for Newbie Amazon Sellers

Crucial Success Tips for Newbie Amazon Sellers

If you are just getting started as an Amazon seller, you can benefit from the following success tips that will help you make it big on Amazon.

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Tips for Newbie Amazon Seller


1; Provide Accurate Product Data

Make sure your product description and details are clear and helpful. Your customers must get exactly the product as described on the detail page. You will want to use a unique product ID when listing the products.


2; Check Your Orders Daily

If you promise quick shipping, it requires that you respond to orders quickly. You can sign up for email order notifications. But – so you don’t miss out on anything, you will want to check for orders daily in seller central.

Another aspect that goes hand-in-hand with checking orders is that you should confirm when you ship the product. Amazon charges the customer only after the shipment is confirmed.

That said, once an order is placed, you are responsible for confirming the shipment within the timeframe specified in your shipping settings.


3; Assess Your Inventory Regularly

You should keep an eye on how much inventory you have in stock if you sell through multiple channels. Customers whose orders end up out of stock are likely to leave negative seller feedback.


4; Keep Your Prices Accurate

The “more buying choices page” displays the lowest priced items first. Amazon shoppers are always looking for the best deals and are more inclined to purchase items that appear on the top.


5; Advertise Your Products

Advertising provides a boost to your products and brand. You might as well want to focus on advertising your products online, such as with the help of amazon PPC management. Many amazon shoppers come to amazon with a ready mindset to buy.


6; Set Accurate Expectations

Firstly, you will want to set doable expectations. Then, you will have to ensure that you meet those expectations.

When creating your shipping policy, tell your customers how often you process and ship orders. You might as well mention the types of carriers you use and, more importantly, how your customers can contact you with shipping questions.


7; Customer Satisfaction

Even if you are selling online with Amazon, you will want to be accessible to customers. You will want to respond quickly to contacts and notify them when a shipment is delayed. Of course, it is frustrating when one doesn’t know their order status.

You get the point – make yourself easily accessible to customers. This way, your customers will trust you and the process.


8; Attain Good Feedback Ratings

Customers pay close attention to feedback. With thousands of people selling online, your potential customer is more likely to read the feedback and reviews that others have left behind. And the key to good feedback is accurately describing items, shipping them quickly, and responding to customers promptly.


9; Handle Returns & Refunds Promptly

Taking care of cancellations, returns, and refunds without delay can lead to better customer service feedback. It will also allow you to build a better seller profile.


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