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Hello friends, welcome to the Novaelites review. If you are not sure about this online store, take a moment and read through this article once before making any purchase from the website.

We are about to answer some of the most common questions you may have about this website. However, there is a possibility you might encounter an online scam such as this one in the future, so pay close attention to any red flags that are mentioned.

What are Novaelites?

Novaelites is an online store that sells t-shirts, Men’s Unisex T-Shirt. Unisex T-Shirt, but we found some serious flaws on different levels when browsing through their website. Good Discount Available on All the Products




Contact Address

 476 State St, Rochester, NY 14608, United States


Contact number

 +1 2029674541

Product Name

 Hiss Funny Cats Unisex T-Shirt,  Hiss Funny Cats Unisex T-Shirt, Leveled Up To Big Sister Unisex T-Shirt, Ninth Saurus Rex Unisex T-Shirt, Ninth Saurus Rex Unisex T-Shirt, and many others

Products Category

 T-Shirt, Unisex T-Shirt, Men Unisex T-Shirt, etc

 Payment options



Shipping and Delivery Policy:

The company’s policies are only applicable to orders coming from the United States. Some of these policies may be included in their shipping confirmation email.. When You order through our store, you’re accepting the guidelines that are outlined here.. Handling time: 1-3 days

Return and Exchange Policy:

We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your product. If a refund is needed, it can be done via one of the contact links at Please check your order carefully before returning part of it.. If you’ve received a damaged or defective product, please contact us to help resolve the issue & get your new pieces quickly.

                                                                 Domain Age
                                                        1 Year 2 Months 9 Days
                           Domain Created on                              Domain Expiration Date
                           2021-06-29 08:33:32                            2023-06-29 08:33:32

Customer Complaints:

Reviews about this store were found on other websites. Which is something that we should be considering before making the decision to visit ourselves.

Novaelites is a Legit Website?

The website has not been transparent with the public about its ownership or leadership. Transparency is essential for any site to be considered legitimate. The evidence that this website is not legitimate comes from its WHOIS records, which they guard with the utmost secrecy.

Is Novaelites Real or Fake?

The content on this website is mostly taken from other websites. It allows you to check text for plagiarism quickly and easily online with a free tool or by downloading a copy.

When content is copied it could discredit the entire product and its entire service. This can cause this shopping site to lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of shoppers.

Novaelites Scam

It seems like the Novaelites site may have a lot of fundamental flaws that turn into scams later, just like on any other site. This website has been around for a long time and is no longer worth using. It is becoming an increasing problem and we really do not want anyone to get scammed by this site.

Red flags: Novaelites Review

  • Owner Information is Hidden
  • Using copied Content
  • Offers deals on Novaelites are too good to be true
  • Novaelites have no social media presence
  • They have not taken proper security measures to protect the data they store on their website this is a big issue.


Novaelites Review

Novaelites is not a good website to shop on. Please do not use it. Never share your information with them, and stay away from the site.

If you think that you have been scammed, it is important to remember what to do next and how you can recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s important that you report scams to the organization dedicated to helping consumers in your area. But it’s also important that you follow the steps outlined in this article. The safety of the internet is being compromised by Report online scams and we need your help in identifying and reporting them. Please leave a comment so other people can learn about this issue.

We hope that  Novaelites Review has helped you understand this website. This type of website targets people on Social Media, Like many other people. People in our social circle are also affected by such scams.

Online scams are very common, but learning how to identify them is important. With technology continuously making strides, finding out about online scams can be as easy as clicking a button or reading through articles online.

Please share Novaelites Reviews and you can also DM us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you have any doubts about any website or have a concern that we might be able to help with. We will write about that site and make aware as many people as we can.

We want to make sure everyone on our team is aware of the scams that are happening in the cryptocurrency space. So they are able to protect themselves from being fooled.


Date of experience: August 22, 2022

Scammers– don’t order from them!

I ordered something from them, but have not received confirmation of shipping and they have not answered emails. They don’t have contact information on their website and there is no way to contact them. Please avoid this company because you will likely never get your items or money back.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Novaelites is Not a real site.

Date of experience: August 05, 2022

 The charge amount on your credit card bill was the same as the one on the PayPal confirmation email, but with a different name. This seems fishy because you only check your email for the payment details and not your credit card statement.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
Date of experience: July 31, 2022

Scam website

The latest update is frustrating for some people. For example, I placed an order for $60 and my email bounced back as non-deliverable. The phone number doesn’t seem to be working either. What happened? Did the company decide not to take the site down?

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
Date of experience: June 20, 2022

Support email bounces

I just tried to ask the company’s support email address a question, and it didn’t work. Be careful when using this email address.

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