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Growing Minds: Toys Tailored for 6+ Years of Kids

Children who are 6 and older have vital cognitive development in them. Their minds are very malleable, just like sponges, absorbing information and experiences very fast. Parents, educators, and givers of gifts must ensure they supply toys and games that amuse and help kids learn. In this article, we will discuss an assortment of toys that address the developmental requirements of kids 6 years and up, which encourage imagination, problem-solving, and curiosity. Choosing toys for 6+ years of kids that would be useful for their development is always a challenger. For every confused parent out there, Skillmatics is your go to place. Their range of toys include fun, learning, cognitive development and at the same time make the kids want to play with them due to its attractive colours and designs. A few of their classic mind and brain games include the following:

Skillmatics Art Kit

Release the artist hidden in your kid with the Skillmatics Art Kit. This comprehensive set has everything a kid needs to unleash their imagination and ideas, such as sketching pencils, watercolour paints, drawing pads, and instructional guides. Through exciting hands-on exploration and creative self expression, this art kit not only develops artistic skills but also builds up confidence and imagination. Be it doodling, painting or sculpting, the Skillmatics Art Kit caters unlimited options for artistic growth and co-creation.

Brain Games

Do you want to engage the  young brains with toys for 6+ years of kids? Then expose them to diverse brain games that are both challenging and stimulating. From logic riddles and memory games to word trips and sudoku, these brain powering activities enhance thinking processes such as problem solving, concentration, and memory enhancement. Select from a number of brain games which have been made especially for your child, incorporating their specific interests and skills into the games, giving them many hours of entertaining learning.

India and World Map Puzzle

Inspire love for geography and travel with India and World Map Puzzle. These fun assemblies teach children about various parts of the world for instance countries, continents and landmarks and help them develop either their spatial awareness or problem-solving skills. This is the part of the process where they are able to pinpoint the countries, capitals, and geographical features, thus widening their horizon about the world. This will be a perfect gift or toy for 6+ years old kids who are interested in board games and enjoy playing without much movement.

Science Kits

Create a spark of scientific curiosity and exploration with hands-on activities that turn learning into fun and engaging. Anything from chemistry sets and microscope kits to robotics and engineering projects, there is a science kit to cater to every student’s unique interest. These science kits from Skillmatics come with all the necessary materials to do experiments, observe scientific phenomena, and spark imagination. Whether they are mixing chemicals, dissecting the specimens, or constructing their own creations, science kits provide necessary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational experiences that nourish individuality and invention.

Mind Challenges

Engage and inspire the little ones’ minds with varied brain teasers and riddles that would encourage their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. The smart mind challenges of crossword puzzles, brain teasers, logic games, and strategy boards, provide an entertaining method of enhancing critical thinking. Whether they are resolving a difficult riddle or devising a plan in a more strategic game, kids engage their analytical abilities, predict outcomes and adapt their tactics to fit changing situations. There are lots of levels of difficulty and various forms of mind puzzles and challenges give a great scope to anyone to keep on learning.

Storybook Art Kits

What better toy for a 6+ Years of Kids than a tool to build their imagination and creativity. At this age kids will have a flow of a variety of thoughts and they try to build their imaginary story around them. To facilitate thi and bring the writer out if the kids, check out Skillmatics’s storybook art kit! It boosts the creative thought process in them and makes them think and express more. 

Toys designed and put together for children aged 6 and higher are of the utmost importance in the process of their intellectual and mental development. It can be about artistic exploration, brain training games, or just mental puzzles; these toys present great learning opportunities that stimulate imagination, critical thinking and curiosity. Through offering the children toys that enrich them and are fun to play with at the same time, these toys from Skillmatics help the children discover their interests, master the necessary skills, and embark on a journey of learning and discovery that will last a lifetime.

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