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Guide to Social Media Comments: How To Post and Respond

As a growing brand on social media, it’s always important to interact with audiences. This will help you to grow more and have a good impact on your business.

You need to post a lot and respond to the comments to enhance engagement. To post and respond to comments, you should follow some guidelines.

Check this article to know the things you should approach and avoid while managing social media comments –

Guide to Social Media Comments: How To Post and Respond


Social Media Comments

Social media helps to expand a business online. There are some basic strategies that help users to grow their social media profiles and interact with users.

Having a good social media profile will get you instant comments on your posts. We figured out some points that you should follow and some to avoid. Let’s see them in detail –

Things You Should Do to Post and Respond to Comments: DOs

There are some common approaches that will help you to boost your social media profile. If you post and respond to your comments by following the below points, there will definitely be a positive engagement of users.

● Quick Response

People love to get quick replies. The quick response shows the user that you are watching and listening to what they are saying. As per surveys, most social media users wait to get a reply within the first 1-2 hours. Suppose, you get comments on TikTok, but you don’t reply to their comments in time, then people might not be satisfied with your TikTok account. This means, that providing a quick response makes the user feel cared for.

● Short and Friendly

Another effective technique to increase engagement is to write short responses. Short responses are never ignored by users, and they are helpful in resolving multiple people’s confusion at the same time. With only a peek at the comment, they will be aware of the thing you’re trying to express.

● Reply Complaints

This is the most important point to maintaining a good relationship with the customer or user of your business. If you ignore and don’t reply to negative comments/complaints, there will be a wrong impression among the user about your business. Users will claim the complaint as true. This is why it’s important to reply to complaints and explain to the user what went wrong.

● Track Regularly

Here is the last point on our list you should follow. Track the comments regularly. Check the growth or opposite by analyzing the comments. Don’t miss any comments and respond to the comments regularly. This will keep you updated with your users.

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Post and Respond to Comments: DON’Ts

To enhance your engagement with the users, the following strategies will help you while responding to comments. Don’t just respond to positive comments, interact with the negative and neutral comments as well.

● Bot Reply

Users love to get real feedback. Don’t use the same reply for all the responses. Try to reply to comments as per their inquiries. Using a bot reply or the same reply for every response makes the user feel ignored. Answering the comments individually will make the user realize that there is a real person answering their question. They will love to interact more.

● Aggressive

You can’t satisfy every user. Don’t get aggressive while replying to users. They may comment on anything negative or even neutral about your business. Try to handle it and don’t get aggressive. Find out what made them dissatisfied and assure them about the solution.

● Large Reply

Don’t make your comment too large. Most of the time people ignore large replies and miss the context. You may write the main point in the first para shortly and then elaborate on the thing later in another para.

How Do You Make People Comment On Your Posts?

Social Media Comments
Social Media Comments


Now you know about the social media comments guideline, let’s check how you can enhance comments on your posts. There are some techniques to get lots of comments for every post. It will also be applicable to your Facebook if you want some instant facebook comments. This will surely boost your business.

First of all, follow the above-mentioned points. These are the standards for making your comment professional. You need to follow them while posting or responding to the comments of the users So, how to make them comment more? Let’s check 4 (four) major tips to get a good response on any post –

● Ask Open-Ended Questions

You will get good feedback by following this technique. Users will engage more by participating in the answering session. Ask interesting questions or quizzes so that they will feel interested in answering your posts.

● Use Visual Content

Visual content attracts users the most. No matter what you are posting, add an image with a good visual. Visual content can’t be ignored by most users. You may add infographics with your post Whether it’s a quiz or any usual post, don’t forget to add images with it.

● Create Contest

You can create contests through comments. Offer the user rewards for commenting on your post. Ask users to comment and mention other people in your post for any discount or reward. Arranging regular contests will boost your profile’s activity multiple times. You can even ask them to share your post. This will help your post to spread among a large number of users.

● Check Analysis

Finally, check the analysis of your posts regularly. Find when your users are most active. Post anything on that time. This will get you a good engagement. There are analyses of posts available on almost every social media. Try to know more about your users. This will help you to know your customers or users.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that social media is a sensitive platform. This might result in an excellent visitor or perhaps no visitor. It all depends on how efficiently you utilize it. Following the guidelines makes it simple to receive a large number of comments or feedback. Instead of forcing the user to comment, improve the quality of your content which will help you to get comments.

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