How to hide twitter likes

How to hide twitter likes


There is no method how to hide Twitter likes properly because Twitter spends a lot of money on its security.

hide twitter likes
hide twitter likes

The term condition as you know Twitter is the basic and large source of communication and better source of information.

All of the famous people in the world use Twitter and the net worth of Twitter is 350$ billion runs or plays an important role in GDP. Twitter starts from the United States of America and the head base of Twitter is in California along with the American state.


How to hide Twitter likes from others, there is no specific way to hide likes properly in twitter from others.

Here is some basic method to hide likes:

  • Log in to Twitter and click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the home screen then choose settings.

    How to hide twitter likes
    How to hide twitter likes







  • Go to safety and privacy

    How to hide twitter likes
    how to hide twitter likes


  • Scroll down to find the tagging and audience and click on audience and tagging

    How to hide twitter likes
    How to hide twitter likes










Turn on protecting your tweets option to secure your tweets

How to hide twitter likes
How to hide twitter likes

Mute phrase:

Twitter has the useful option of mute keywords, the basic principle of the option to poke those who follow you back. How to hide Twitter likes.

Say no to liking Twitter:

There is an additional option in Twitter in the top right corner on the home page to click or tap them. It can be easily available on the new version and also in browser web this option is with the name of I do not like the tweet. This option is to tell Twitter that you don’t want these types of twitter they will not appear again.

This option is to save your time for those posts which are not of your type to save your thoughts. You can learn more and more from learning more lessons from Twitter to avoid all posts that are not necessary.

Disable the algorithm:

Twitter has an algorithm to show posts to you which are most like in your previous historic record of like the post. It is a useful option for avoiding that past which you do not like due to disabling those posts will not show.

Here are some options to disable the algorithm:

  • Go to your Twitter account and visit settings
  • Press to privacy and safety tab
  • Go down until the options content arrives
  • Below the timeline, there will be an option that shows me the best tweet first disable it to remove a tick from the box office or pack
  • Here you go just with a single click

 Benefits of a disabled algorithm of Twitter?

The benefits of disabling the algorithm of twitter will give privacy and security to your account for the further content option which not belong to your account because when you see many most of which are not relevant to your taste so this option will help you to get what s your taste and it will avoid the false add which are not according to your taste.

Turn off all tweets:

This is the basic issue of all time your tweets shares with wrong captions which is not okay for all time and it’s irritating too. Avoid this there is a solution for this to work on the principle of tweets from the tweeter. How to hide Twitter likes If you have a lot of people in your account so the workaround, the method will work and tweeter will not allow you to do this.

what is the turn-off all tweets option?

The turn-off twitter option is for the principal of avoiding false contact in your account in the presence of observation because the people are following you are some of important but some of the contacts are not related to your account then you cannot ignore them and neither can check on individually bases then this option can help you to show or ignore those contacts which are only necessary to you.

Here is some method to do this properly:

  • Open the list of people you follow, go down further expands the list keep going down until the full list is shown, just keep pressing the end button on your keyboard
  • Press on the three dots in chrome’s top right corner to open the main page, go to more tools from here choose Developer tools you can also press ctrl +shift I.
  • At the end line add the following line and press enter:
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How to hide likes twitter

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your tweets from others because the only way to keep your account private. How to hide Twitter likes the only member can see you then which will in your contact list and they can only tweet you back and share your tweets.

How we can control Retweet problems?

The retweet problem is a common issue nowadays and as an admin, you don’t want that some portrait your tweet in wrong or false matter then this option will make restrictions and will get the permission to allow your post to retweet so you can handle these all problems on individual bases and this might help in your retweet issues and also to hide your Twitter

Here is the method of that process:

  • Log in to your tweeter account click on the top right corner of your account choose settings 
  • Visit the security and privacy tab

Go down to the privacy option and tick the box ahead of protecting my account

How to Remove a tweet from your favorites:

There is no special way to remove those tweets and this is not a method simply you can unlike or unfavorite that tweets then it will not show in your likes.

Method of UN favorite post part:

  • Log in to your tweeter account and visit your profile
  • Click on “ favorites”
  • Delete all posts that you want to unlike from your folder you can also select them as well
  • To make sure that they are not there, simply refresh your page then the action successful if it’s not on the list before

what is unlike favorite post issue?

if you want to hide your favorite post because twitter work on the algorithm which you like the most in term of watching or liking the post and now your taste of interest is change and you do not want to see all those posts so you will follow these steps to change and set the goals of what you are liking in current times you can also save the favorite posts in that stuff also. If you are interested in other social media Apps like youtube and Facebook you must-see YouTube to mp3 and youtube to mp4 HD.

Activity tweets:

This is about the list of that tweeter activity which you do on the tweeter on times. They remain to save in the folder from where you can watch all actions which you have done before in the current times. This is basically for those that are for the reasons you can fix all the solutions which are unknown to you. If someone uses your account without your permission then you can check the activity it will explain everything to you.

Way to check your activity status:

  • Log in to your tweeter account and visit your profile
  • Click on “activity status”
  • You can see the bar which tells you about the history of usage of your account in 24 hours
  • If you want to delete the activity status data you can but it may cause some inflammation in your previous tweets and massages

How to delete the comments or restricted the bad comments:

Sometimes it happens that some of the people use to do bad comments on your post with vulgar language and words. This method will auto analysis the subject which will save in the privacy part area, will delete them automatically out.  How to hide Twitter likes if those comments are not suitable so you can add auto technically expertise. Which will block that specific account from your group and will show a warning to them. This all method will depend on your choice you can select options according to your choice.

Here are some methods where you can do this along:

  • Log in to your Twitter account and tap on settings
  • Press the privacy button over there
  • Here you can see the privacy and restriction comment segment which is specifically for those that are suitable for the current comment situation.

How we can delete restricted comments?

This option is the most important feature of Twitter because you cannot control people to comments. But you can make restrictions according to all groups of age people can see your post. So this is an easy way in which you can set restrictions and also block some comments so from this nobody can do the wrong post on your post so this is the function of the restricted block option.

Conclusion of How to hide Twitter likes from others

How to hide Twitter likes here is the conclusion of all these paragraphs. In which you can visit or learn the topics and settings which are totally hidden from common people. Here you can perform them as you want your account according to your need. These things are very useful and they can save your time as well.

If you want to know about this option you can click here to explore those things that can help you with Twitter

 Information about Twitter? 

If you believe in the terms of Twitter so this is a platform for much more information for technology IT. It is also be called the data collection base center because the news of Twitter is approx 100% true affairs.

All of the celebs are on Twitter the total revenue of Twitter is over much increase as compared to social. These options are for the help of your easy approaches to your desires. Because you have a lot of hardens to understand the option you. This blog may help you and go to the easy approaches what you really want in the good manner of times.


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