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how to play a random clip from streamer when raided

If you’re streaming in World of Warcraft and see someone raid your streamer, you might be wondering how to share a clip from the streamer’s perspective. You can use the “Shout Out” command in this instance. Find a time when they’re raided, then use that command as directed.

Shout Out command

Add a Shout Out command to your stream so that when it’s raided, you can play random clips from the raiders’ videos. You need to know who they are beforehand and the command is super easy to use. You first open up your OBS software and click on the Edit tab. Then, click on the Clip or Random option and paste it into twitch. guru link. Afterward, choose Shout Out and it will play a random clip when you start streaming.

By doing this, you’ll be able to raid other channels and gain a lot more followers. It’s best not to raid someone just for the sake of having their followers though. Streaming for the sake of other people is more beneficial than seeking the attention of others for your own benefit. It’s important to realize that raid content is not always a good way to gain viewers or followers but it does have the potential for great success.

Streamer’s reaction to a raid

If you want to get your favorite Twitch streamer’s attention, consider “raiding” them. There are many ways to do this, but make sure to be friendly when doing it. For example, Start by introducing yourself and saying thanks for watching the video. To keep them on your channel, offer them the chance to collaborate with you. Explain to them your current goals for the stream, and give them a choice of what to work on. This can help you keep them involved in your company.

If you want to start a raid, remember that you should let your audience know about it. There are two ways for doing this: the chatbox’s “/raid” function or in the “Raid” channel. Be careful though; only a raid leader can initiate a new raid. This way, a streamer can avoid being raided by other viewers. This is especially important if you want to broaden your reach with a new raid.

how to play a random clip from streamer when raided
how to play a random clip from streamer when raided

How to play a random clip from streamer when raided on Twitch

Being a raid is one of the best feelings you can have on Twitch. It’s natural that you want to celebrate when that happens and maybe play a clip from their stream. It seems that this complicated command is actually quite simple to set up and will enable you to celebrate the experience of being raided in a unique way every time. Here’s how you play a clip from the streamer who just raided your game on Twitch.

What Are Twitch Raids?

Twitch is an easy-to-use online streaming platform that has many features to cater to the varied needs of its broadcasters. With Twitch, you can use it in your own way. You can stream for free and enjoy.

Twitch is researching a concept that will allow it to send the crowd from live streams to other similar streams. Allows users of the platform to collaborate or interact during gameplay or live streaming. This makes their streaming experience even more fantastic. Not only will you be able to enjoy the views they provide but you can also count on the more dynamic conversation.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why someone would want to share their view with another user. On Twitch (an app for live streaming), viewers are in a collaborative environment where they can chat with the host and offer their opinion on the stream. Viewers have a chance to share their opinion on the session and potentially boost one or both of the hosts’ views.

Streamer’s responsibility

Smaller streamers often receive hate raids from unhappy users. It’s important for them to see the problem from their perspective and make sure they are doing what they promise to do. Other users may have their information posted during these raids. A lot of streamers are organizing a protest to stand with their fellow gamers.

Hate raids could be considered a complicated issue. While they can sometimes start out on Discord or YouTube, they may also be signal-boosted by those on the far-right and posted to hate sites. Two Twitch streamers have recently come forward to discuss the issue of harassment on the platform. But it’s important to remember that there are still hundreds of others who are doing this that we don’t know about. Streamers are typically required to play a random clip during raids, but many streamers haven’t followed this requirement.

how to play a random clip from streamer when raided

To learn how to play a random clip from streamer when raided

Being raided is a good thing, it doesn’t happen to everyone. So if you are being raided, enjoy it! It means someone’s watching you and may be interested in what you’re doing. After being raided, some people like to put streamer clips on the raid video as tributes or evidence. It might be a little tricky if you’re just starting, but overall this is a very simple process.

How to play a random clip?

This process is quite easy. To start, log in to your twitch account and add a twitch guru. Next, select a game, and then it will be complete without any issues at all.


In conclusion, this article covers the steps for adding a clip of any streamer in the raid. No other solutions have been found and it’s the only way to do this so far. You can select anyone you want and all you need to do is paste the URL of their stream in the box. You will then be set to go. This is the only process after you do this, but do not try other methods. Here’s everything you need to know about this article, including how to play random clips from a streamer when they’re raided while living on stream for you.

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