Is Computer Science Hard?

Is Computer Science Hard?

Many students might ask this question if they are looking for a prospective major to study. After their high school graduation or are on the brink of changing their course of study Is Computer Science Hard. Nonetheless, if you are considering switching to or studying computer science, you should know what it is and if it is something you would grasp easily.

Although hard to study, computer science has become a very popular area of study. Choosing this particular field would open several avenues for your future and can land you many high-paying jobs in the world of tech.

To answer the question, computer science is not an easy subject. However, it does depend upon how good you are in Mathematics, how logically you think, and how easily you can polish your programming skills. Aptitude in these areas does help in excelling in the field of computer science apart from studying and practicing it religiously and strategically.

If you’re planning on choosing computer science for your study, you might want to keep reading to know how hard it is, and how much time and effort it would require from you.


What is Computer Science?

The study of computers and computational systems, the field of computer science mainly deals with the development of unique and different uses of computing systems. Problems are solved using computers, and constant research of information technology and computer software systems takes place in this arena.

People who work in this field mainly write computer programs, work with cutting-edge technologies, study and develop computer systems, and analyze algorithms.

All the tech jargon you have heard of, such as database theory, programming languages, software engineering, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, the theory of computing, math, and data analysis is covered in the field of computer science. Check out Artificial Intelligence Training to explore the field of artificial intelligence.

After studying it, the professionals can work as software developers, database administrators, or information security analysts.

How Hard is Computer Science?

Unless you have been coding for a while before facing the decision of whether to choose computer science as your field of study or not, it can be pretty hard dealing with the amount of technical stuff coming your way in the initial stages of your learning. Programming might be hard for you if you have never done it before, and learning it takes time. However, once you grasp the crux of it and keep practicing, it is nothing that you won’t be able to do.

Basic math and statistics are key things to have a proper understanding of before deciding to delve into the world of computer science. In the end, if you are strongly dedicated to this field, you would learn everything you are supposed to and would definitely excel in this field.

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For some people, it might be easier to get into this field; the programmers who live and breathe codes, the ones strongly attentive to detail, and those having exceptional problem-solving skills as it makes it easier for the programmer to troubleshoot problems in computer systems, and an aptitude for such subjects.

Should You go for Computer Science?

Not everyone goes into this field because they understand Is Computer Science Hard they love to code and are obsessed with maths. Many people choose a particular field because they have a guarantee it would get them rich sooner than going into any other field would. This makes it hard for students to grasp the reality of it.

Although the money-making potential is a factor to ponder over when deciding your major, don’t be hasty in your decisions and try to make sure you aren’t sabotaging your entire career by choosing a field you are not making for.

If you are not afraid of programming or math, can think logically, and love to think deeply to find a creative solution to a particular problem, in other words. You think analytically and are not afraid to divulge into abstract thinking. You are surely ready for the field of computer science and can pursue it without any reservation.

If you tick at least two boxes of the above, you can rest assured that with practice and dedication you can master this area of your interest.

However, if you don’t relate at all to the above and feel as if computer science is something completely foreign to you. You can either choose a different field of study. Something that speaks to you more in your language. Or you can dive into computer science with the sheer will of mastering it because you want to.

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Why is Computer Science Popular?

After being awarded a degree in computer science, a graduate has many prospective options for their career to choose from. Armed with the basic knowledge required to land a job in the tech industry. The student is now eligible to be hired for diverse jobs with higher-than-average paychecks, and an unmatch job security.

Not everyone can study computer science and master it, so the ones who do are held in high regard. Remote work is also a viable option when it comes to tech jobs. Data analysis and programming are in high demand these days. And you won’t be sitting at home for long before you’re hired.

Apart from the high-paying jobs, one gains through entering the field of computer science. Some other major reasons for the popularity of this field are. How it teaches you to produce and use new technologies, sharpen your analytical skills, and make good use of your problem-solving skills. And hone your mathematical and logical thinking.

All of the skills mentioned above are used in every field of life. And would bring you success in your future endeavors.

Now, if you have decided to go with computer science as your field of study. Let us see what your future can actually look like after you are finished with a degree.

Would Computer Science Die Out?

We can’t go back from the web now that we have invented it. We can only go forward with it. And undoubtedly, the web keeps evolving. There is always room for improvement, for ‘more.’ In this way. Computer science graduates and those passionate about computer science would never be out of demand.

There would always be the need for new and better websites, for example, and none other than programmers and software developers can make these.

Careers in Computer Science

There are many paths to take after completing your computer science degree, such as, you can be a:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Software Developer
  • App Developer
  • .NET Developer
  • Programmer

It is possible that you already know in what direction to head after you complete your study of computer science. But if you are looking for popular and well-paying jobs, keep reading.

Software engineering/web development is one of the popular career paths you can choose. A web developer plans, designs, and codes a website as per requirement.


You can research more about what a software engineer does and decide accordingly. Make sure you have a decent amount of information and knowledge. Before you decide on something as important as your career choices.


All of the above roles require coding skills. And if you do not know how to code by the end of your computer science study. You might want to switch career paths. Coding is the number one skill that is highly required for anyone who is related to it.


There are a lot of coding languages out there, such as Python, and C++. Java, C, etc. With programming at your fingertips. Nothing can stop you from landing a job with a high salary and a senior rank.


You can keep your coding skills polished by practicing regularly. Or you can take a few courses online if you think you are slacking.


How Much Can You Possibly Make with A Computer Science Degree?

Salaries in every field differ with location, level of experience, etc. However, it should be noted that salaries are particularly high when we talk about the field of it. A web developer can earn up to $93,000 per year.

Salaries can go up to six figures, and this shows how it is an ever-growing field. With an increasing number of opportunities for people to advance their careers.

It has been stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that from 2020 to 2020 jobs in the fields of its. And information technology will grow by 13%.

Some of the highest paying jobs related to the field of it pay up to $100,000 per year.

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All in all, we can conclude that although Is a Computer Science Hard. It has the potential for growth and to change your life around for the better. However, make sure you know if this is the right career path for you before diving blindly into an area of study. That is purely technical and number-based. Not everyone enjoys programming or coding and working with numbers as some of us do. And if you force this choice upon yourself, you might end up miserable.









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