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iyf tv Top Marketing Channels Reviews

IYF TV is a media company that has been successful in the past decade. It is a company that started with just a few people and now has over 500 employees.

The company was founded by a man named John Shahidi and his brother, Navid Shahidi. They had an idea to create an online TV network for young people who were looking for inspirational content to watch.

This became the main focus of their company, and they have continued to grow their reach ever since.


How IYF TV’s Strategy is Working in Countries like India and China

IYF TV, a global education company, has been expanding its business in India and China. The strategy of IYF has been working in these countries because of their low-cost and high-quality workforce.

iyf. tv Ranking

From the last three months, iyf tv Ranking has gone down from 4,715 to a current level of 4,700.


Similarly ranked sites


iyf tv Traffic and Engagement Analysis

While iyf receives much less traffic on its desktop platform than in previous months, it still meets visitor expectations and keeps them interested.


Geography & Country Targeting

According to our data, which countries had the most visitors on iyf tv over the past month? The United States was the top country sending traffic to iyf last month – see below to discover the top countries of desktop traffic


United States
United Kingdom
Australia Audience Demographics

Audience composition can indicate the current popularity of your site among different groups. 54.57% of our desktop audience is male, 45.43% is female, and the largest age bracket for visitors to is those between 25 and 34 years old.

Top Audience Interests

Our audience’s interests can tell us some broad information about who they are and what they’re looking for. You’ll find them interested in both video games and shopping, specifically related to video game consoles.

Similar Sites & Competitors


Similar Sites & Competitors

Reveal alternative websites like iyf and find competitors. is likely one of the best alternatives to iyf due to its high similarity score to iyf, but there might be others that have higher similarities and more expansion potential than Top Marketing Channels

The majority of desktop visits to iyf are direct traffic, making up 87.84% last month and search is the second with 11.14% of traffic. One of the most underutilized channels is advertising. If you drill back down into the main traffic drivers for each channel, you’ll see that ads are becoming increasingly popular.

Social Media Traffic to

It’s very clear that our social media audience mostly visits iyf through Youtube, followed by Facebook and Twitter on desktop. We should try engaging followers on Plurk as well as we might find more potential customers there. Technology Stack

Our website is built with a number of different technologies, which vary according to the type of client it is being used by. These are the technologies by industry, found on our website. We have a total of five technologies on iyf. tv from four different industries installed.

What is WWW.IYF.TV?

WWW.IYF TV is a video streaming site with a wide range of Asian dramas, movies, variety shows, and other content. Despite being new, the website has similar quality and quantity to competing sites. The site has more than 10,000 movies, more than 10,000 TV series, 1800 variety shows, and over 3,000 animations – which makes it an unmatched resource.

This website has two different modes: Free and Premium. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but the most important is their content variety.

Free mode


Free access to movies and TV shows on WWW.IYF is possible in the default accessible mode for all users. There is no need for registration or to provide personal or financial information to be able to see all the available content on this website.


Another downside is video quality. You can’t download anything from the website, and can only watch movies in 480P or lower quality. But getting everything on accessible mode is often interrupted by ads which are a hassle to deal with.

Premium mode


Premium mode on IYF is free of ads and provides a high video quality you can’t experience on any other website, like 2K/4K. You can download any movie or series to your device or watch an unlimited number of movies while offline. Premium Mode allows you to request movies, dramas, and a variety of shows not currently available on the website. For example, if a movie or TV show isn’t available on the site, you can use Premium Mode to request it and we’ll get it for you as soon as our team uploads it!


To access the premium mode, you must pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Registering an account and providing your financial information is the only requirement. There are 3 different packages available, so you can choose whatever best suits your needs.

  • Extreme VIP: One-year package for 119 euros.
  • Gold VIP:30-day package for 15 euros.
  • Gold VIP:180-day package for 69 euros.

www.iyf tv Review

The iyf domain has an authority rating of 58.7. This indicates that the company is functioning properly, which is poor – it’s common

After examining 50 products in the category, our algorithm found that 58.7% of them fit into that category for various reasons, one of which was their quality. We considered a variety of aspects when coming up with this rating – from customer service to recognized authorities and reviews from customers in the niche.

There are other influences like WHOIS details, IP addresses, Alexa ratings, and more. However such information is not always reliable because of the presence of fake websites – which need to be accounted for in your analysis! It seems like has had a mostly positive response so far, but as with many other websites, some users are also experiencing negative feedback as well (maybe talk to New Pics about that). Make sure to read over this information and make up your own mind about whether or not you want to avoid the service.

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