Jackpots or how to win millions


Online casino games are great fun, but let’s not kid ourselves – it’s not just fun. Probably everyone who is at least a little familiar with gambling on the Internet dreamed of a big win. Theoretically, you are only one “click of the virtual lever” away from such a happy occasion, i.e. spin rotation. Although the chances of winning are slim, we are certainly closer to winning if we try our luck than if we don’t play at all.

This is why progressive jackpot casino online Fairspin slots are so popular. What distinguishes them from ordinary slots is that the jackpot that is won is constantly growing and can reach really unimaginably large amounts. It is on progressive slots that the biggest winnings in online casinos are made.

To get acquainted with the topic of progressive jackpots, we have prepared the following article. We will answer questions about what jackpots are and how they work, which manufacturers and which slots are the most popular, and what you should keep in mind when playing these slots.

What is a progressive jackpot?

In the world of gambling, the word “jackpot” definitely grabs attention and sets the mood. The jackpot is nothing but the highest payout in the game, the accumulation of winnings, so to speak. It is won by the lucky player who achieves a certain combination of symbols in slot machines, the arrangement of numbers in games such as keno or bingo, or the arrangement of cards in blackjack. In online casinos, jackpots appear in most games, but it is the progressive jackpot, most often found in slot machines, that is especially loved and demanded by players.

While regular jackpots are set to a fixed amount that does not change during play, the amount of the progressive jackpot is not strictly fixed. The winning amount is constantly increasing with each game played. Therefore, the more players sit down to play a particular slot machine, the larger the jackpot will be. Progressive jackpot games have the biggest wins. Information about the current jackpot amount can be found in the game window.

How does the progressive jackpot work?

What exactly makes a progressive jackpot different from a regular jackpot? Why are the jackpots so big in this case? The answer to these questions lies in the fact that slot machines are connected to a network associated with the same jackpot to be won. Users playing one of the games included in such a network contribute to the jackpot. This does not depend on which casino the player uses this or that slot machine.

Part of the bet from each spin goes to the jackpot. Usually, only one specific slot machine belongs to the network, but sometimes it is several different machines. The more players play the game and bet a certain amount, the bigger the final jackpot will be. The pot grows until someone gets the winning combination and takes the entire amount collected.


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