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Maymaan Engine Hoax can run on Alcohol

Maymaan Engine Hoax

The Maymaan engine hoax was a viral hoax that circulated on the internet in 2015. The hoax claimed to be a new type of engine that could be built with conventional materials and easily replicated by anyone.

The Maymaan hoax is not actually an engine, but rather a machine designed to produce electricity from heat. It is based on the Stirling Engine which has been around since 1816 and is still used today in some applications. . It operates by heating a gas to a high temperature and then compressing it. When the compressed gas is released, heat from the expansion of the gas is converted into electricity. The Stirling engine has been around relatively unchanged since its invention. The Maymaan Engine Hoax differs in that it is built with blocks, not cylinders, and uses an outside supply of compressed

MayMaan Research, LLC is a company that has created a way to power an engine with 70% water and 30% ethanol (or any other alcohol). This system eliminates the need for gasoline or diesel. This revolutionary system can be applied, say its founders, with simple yet sophisticated modifications of existing engine designs. They save a lot on fuel costs, produce far fewer emissions than gas or diesel, and are up to 60% more efficient than other engines. To date, MayMaan has built four (4) prototypes including cars, generators, and various engines. By staying in its garage-based origins and remaining an innovative learning start-up company, MayMaan has also grown into a research laboratory facility imbued with a start-up spirit.

The Impossible Maymaan Engine Hoax: How Did it Happen & Why Now?

Yehuda Shmueli, 81, is the creator of MayMaan. Eitan and Doron assist with helping out as well as coming up with new ideas for the company. With Joe Nakash on board to help Yehuda, he’s had some big-name support from the start.

They are under intelligent leadership and have an impressive executive management team backing YA. Edidya Ya’ari, Chairman of the Board at Rafael Armament Development Authority and former president and CEO of Israel’s Rafael Armament Development Authority; M. Hoenlein, CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents Alongside other esteemed individuals, Maymaan Engine Hoax plans to completely change the world of transportation from passenger cars, trucks and trains to ships. They hope to revolutionize how we travel and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

When Yehuda showed his new technology to Nakash, he advised him not to make it public until it was fully developed. “We have stayed under the radar for the past six years,” Yehuda tells me. “But now this seems like a good time to open ourselves up and talk to people and let them know that this solution exists.”

Maymaan Engine Hoax
Maymaan Engine Hoax

Diesel is a prime goal for many green tech firms and others, as it is used in so many places and offers the chance to create better technology. These are the words of the company’s Vice President Doron Shmueli when interviewed about MayMaan’s revolutionary technology. the diesel engines used in trucks generators and heavy equipment

Diesel engines have been shown to release large amounts of pollution into the environment. At the moment, MayMaan Technology is looking for a solution with a specially designed custom diesel engine

Doron says the generator will be on the market in a year and they plan to sell it as both a backup generator for mid-sized businesses. And a remote power generator, which will fill in when electricity production is low. MayMaan technology has been fully developed and our IP is protected by numerous patents

What are the Scientific Facts that Debunk the Hoax Theory behind the Maymaan Engine?

MayMaan’s emission-free engine is environmentally green. With the elimination of all sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, our technology proves to be a serious cleaner for the environment.

Eitan says one of the main difficulties is the high cost of infrastructure needed for fueling and producing a new device. One of the things that set MayMaan apart from its competitors is the fact that it uses a proven engine and fuel, which is cheaper to use than any other type of energy.

Shmueli is a family-owned company focused on energy technology and a member of the Israel Energy Summit. Their CEO, Ya’ari, says they’re a leader in their space when it comes to developing solutions for renewable energy. I believe that even with the recent progress in electricity, the gas-powered engine can still make a valuable contribution to society. MayMaan’s clean technology proves how good innovative ways are to counteract the flaws of other methods. Without a doubt, it’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to replace diesel engines.

Eitan, the founder of Maymaan, explains that their company name comes from the Hebrew word for hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the main components of organic fuel. He also credits a second meaning to his more religiously observant brother Doron. Who suggested that the name Manna is a combination of the Hebrew word for water and the Biblical manna? Which the Jews ate in their desert wanderings before coming to Israel., MayMaan is comparable to the water that came down in the Biblical manna.

As Maymaan Engine Hoax develops, its significance goes well beyond the implications of replacing gasoline with water and ethanol. Suddenly, it becomes geopolitical The importance of fuel for terror-sponsoring countries will be greatly diminished if we take hold of it. That will help China to stop voting against us in the UN because they are blackmailed by those countries.

Eitan predicts that the fuel technology they are developing will eventually trickle down to passenger cars. It is a conservative industry, so it will take time, but electric cars are also a piece of this puzzle.


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