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Nano Technology

Nano Technology

In this Articles we’ll explore How we take old sick people and turn them into young healthy ones okay. First of all we need explain Nano technology. The world is shrinking meaning among other things robots will soon be traveling in your bloodstream. So let’s get starts the world is getting smaller so let’s talk about Nano technology we’re talking about the nanometer.

      The American Society of Mechanical Engineers says that Nano technology will leave virtually no aspect of life untouched and is expected to be in widespread use by 2020 this was all predicted by Richard Feynman with a world-famous physicist who said in 1959 there’s plenty of room at the bottom what was he talking about well computers used to fill an entire building now they fit on your wrists transistors are shrinking as we’ve seen earlier getting down by the mid-2020sto.


   The nanometer this is a billionth of a meter. We’re talking about small here just give you an idea of how small a nanometer is one hundred thousand nanometers is the size of a human hair. So take that hundred thousand and drive it all the way down we’re talking small. We’re talking about the atomic level let me give you an illustration here Nenometer is sub kind of Neno Technology.

      A single atom in size what scientists have discovere is that. The difference between one thing and another is not its atomic makeup. It’s simply the order in which the atoms are put together this is. how they convert sand into silicon. it’s how we convert coal into gold. how we take old sick people and turn them into young healthy ones okay that’s off into the future near. its all possible due to Neno Technology.

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 Nanotech it’s already here we already have devices.That by 2018your smartphone will have a video projector in it that will produce 3Dimagery yeah 2018 it’s coming by 2025it’ll be the end of laundry nothing will get dirty by building textiles where dirt literally fluffs right off. We’re already saying robots in technology robots are now building other robots why do we need a robot building another robot. Because the robots that the robots are building are really really tiny down to the molecular level. This is having huge benefits ultrahigh-yield agriculture zero pollution manufacturing cheap power environmental remediation even eventually personal space craft.Nenotech is subkind of Nano Technology.

Medical Nanorobotics

    We’re seeing medical nanorobotics as well. We’re looking at artificial red blood cells artificial white blood cells. When they find an infection they devour it already in the marketplace Look at what’s going on. In one type of eye surgery right now the traditional methodology painful injections big risk of infection and very expensive.

Being replace by nanoparticles that float in eyedrops you self treat at home. You just give yourself an eye drop quick painless same results as the surgery no risk of infection 90 percent cheaper that’s. The promise at hope of medical nanotech what you ‘relooking at here every dot you see is an atom. We’re looking at tiny robots that will be able to perform glaucoma surgery gastric bypass surgery even provided entail repairs.

     How about for the military body armor for military personnel and vehicles. How about for healthcare scaffolds for spinal cord injuries blood glucose testing cheaper. Medical neno technology imaging faster and efficient devices. That monitor glucose hemoglobin cholesterol DNA sequencing body sensors to measure breathing heart rate and movement MRI contrast agents implantable medical devices. And sensors microbial detection and diagnostic devices drug delivery agents for cancer therapy Bionic devices. We can place into living tissues connected directly to neurons allowing paralyzed people to move tissue regeneration antibiotics cancer treatments. Its all possiblities due to Neno Technology.


How would you like to buy the latest  more powerful than ever nano technology products are in your future. You’re gonna want to buy them that means creating enough money to be able to do so and recognize that advances in healthcare as exciting as they are. they’re not going to be free so you’re going want to a lot money for what many people are calling participatory voluntary healthcare.

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