It is not enough to buy an LED screen to transform your stage, you also have to know the tricks


These Led panels or Led screen are suitable for placing them in different places on the stage, to generate a sense of depth; in filming or theatrical performances, places can be simulated, using the sharpness or variety of images to present scenes; or as projected.

Also, you can choose the size, according to the available space where the images are expected to be seen.

To achieve what is required, it is necessary to know the appropriate resolution measured by pixels; therefore, it is essential that you consult this topic before buying considering the use it will have.



7 ways to use led screens and take advantage of their full potential

Here are some tips to enjoy and use this electronic equipment.


  • It can be used in the business industry. It serves to show the logo and information of the company. The screen type with high resolution is suitable for the audience to read and view images at a great distance.


  • A meeting or convention can show different aspects of the presentation, using different communication tools. Which will be transmitted with the best resolution quality offered by LED technology.


  • The transmission of live events when using Led modules. The variety of designs and sizes provides information over great distances covering a large auditorium.


  • In the theater, the scenery can be designed by placing the screens in strategic places, giving rise to the expression of creativity.


  • In the event that you seek to generate depth, it is necessary to place a small image in front and another out of focus behind. depending on the theme that is being worked on. If you do not have your own image file, you need to use Internet searches.


  • Churches often use these types of devices in services.

  • The quality of the image provided by its technology and the difference in the size of the modules makes it possible for a large number of the audience to follow the speech, reading or listening, both in person and digitally.


  • Or if you simply want a video wall display at home, you can adapt the place that is available, according to the design and space.

led screens


Likewise, the modular floor supports make it easy to transport and condition them, depending on where they are installed.


Video Wall displays are being increasingly used. To find out which type of panel is best for you, it is appropriate that you seek advice from the technicians specialized in this type of technology and follow the instructions for use provided.


Where and when can the led screen be used once purchased?


These devices are used in different environments, both indoors and outdoors; the technological difference for both spaces is according to the intensity of the light.

Iconic precision conveyed in large sizes makes it possible to visualize what you want to show from the top of a building, such as from a wall, soccer field, or stage.

Even a Led screen is installed on the ceiling

when seeking to give the impression of a spacious environment, this is called the flown or rigging method.

In corporate events, the corporate image is usually displayed on the screens; as well as the materials prepared to expose to the audience.

According to the technology provided by the indoor Led video wall, the image can be displayed without much brightness in closed places.

In the event that it is outdoors, the outdoor panels are more resistant since they are exposed to the changes in the environment. Dust and garbage are brought by the wind or the animals that inhabit the city or the countryside; thus, its panels are designed to counteract sunlight and weather conditions in general and project clear images.

Then, depending on the place where they are located or the use that will be given to them. It will be decided by the installation of a permanent screen or by using the supports the modular ones can be moved.

How to make the most out of an LED screen

How to make the most out of an LED screen?


There are several ways in which the technology of this technological device can be taken advantage of. In this note, we will provide ideas on how and where to use the video wall. Considering that the characteristics of this artifact help improve the quality of what is to be communicated, causing a great effect on the viewers.

According to the flexibility offered by its technology. The type of resolution and size of the panels provides the necessary tools to fully exploit the properties of the equipment.

Therefore, before buying these electronic devices. It is necessary to find out about the different models, designs, and sizes, according to the style and use for which it is required.



Where to buy or rent Led screens in the United States?


If you are looking to buy or rent this type of equipment, you can contact Led Nation. It is a trustworthy company with experience in this type of equipment.

This company offers its products throughout the country, with an excellent 24/7 technical service. Which is included in the price of the global package, providing a 3-year warranty. In this sense, buying a Led Video is very profitable, considering the general financing offered by the entire service. Added to the free shipping throughout the country.

Led Nation technicians will assist you in choosing the right modules. depending on the place to be located, both indoor and outdoor; In the same way, they will provide information on the brightness and the necessary resolution according to what is specified…

Therefore, so that you only enjoy the results, the company has a staff that is present throughout the process. From the purchase, the transfer, installation, and post-sale. A creative, complete, and finished service will be provided, valuing the client’s time.


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