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Portage county clerk of courts

A Comprehensive Guide to Portage County Clerk of Courts

The Portage County Clerk of Courts is an elected position in Ohio with a four-year term. The clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining and issuing court records, including all court orders, subpoenas, and other legal documents.

The Clerk of Court’s office also maintains the records of marriage licenses, birth certificates, and death certificates. The clerk’s office also provides the public with copies of these records.

What is a Portage County Clerk of Court?

The Portage County Clerk of Court is a public servant who is responsible for the administration of justice in the judicial system.

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The Portage County Clerk of Court has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters within the county. They are appointed by the Portage County Board of Commissioners to serve a four-year term.

Portage county clerk of courts

The Portage judge asks for additional staff to handle the increased caseload

One of our judges in the Common Pleas Court is asking the county commissioners to provide them with an additional employee to handle increasing criminal cases.

Pittman informed us that their court’s clerk is retiring soon and therefore another member of staff will need to step up. But the court will also hire someone else to work as a journal clerk for each courtroom.

“Our people are earning a lot less than their colleagues at the courthouse,” she said. “For what they do.”
The possession of drugs was once handled by the municipal court, but now they are felonies & they are tried in common pleas court.

Many members of the commission said they planned to finalize the details next week.
“We value your contributions and understand this hasn’t been easy,” Commissioner Sabrina Bennett said. “But the time has come to revisit your budget.”

What You Should Know About Applying for a Marriage License in Portage County

In Ohio, there are two ways to apply for a marriage license: In Person and by Mail.

In Person: Visit the Portage County Clerk of Courts Office in person to apply for a marriage license.

By Mail: If you are unable to visit the Clerk of Court’s office, you can mail in an application form with the appropriate fee.

The marriage license is valid for 30 days from the date it was issued, so be sure to plan accordingly if you need your marriage certificate on a specific date.

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