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RHONJ: Dina Manzo Skipping Teresa Giudice’s Wedding Explained

Dina has always been close with The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, but she didn’t attend her wedding. Luckily, she is opening up about their fractured friendship. The relationship between Teresa and Dina has been tumultuous at times throughout the earlier seasons, but as Dina moves from New Jersey to California solidifies their bond. One of the things I enjoy about this show is when they stay in touch even though they are on opposite coasts. With the help of other cast members, it seems like she’s grounded a bit more and less likely.

During an Instagram Live via Reality Blurb, Dina was answering a comment which mentioned her friendship status with Teresa. All she said was “yes” in response to whether they were still friends. She also clarified that the two had never been anything other than friends. One commenter said that friendships have different phases, but they will always find a way to reconnect in the end. The opinion came up when Teresa and Luis missed out on seeing Dina at their wedding.

Did Teresa & Dina Ever Have A Falling Out?

Shortly before the wedding, Dina shared that she and her husband Dave would be leaving the ceremony because inviting them was done in an effort to promote a Bravo spinoff. It’s clear from years of footage that Dina has no interest in participating. She initially claimed to be okay with it when the RHONJ star released her statement. In July, Teresa started posting cryptic messages about her friendship with the OG.

Dina has never publicly spoken out against Teresa, so most fans believe that she was telling the truth. The two The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are said to be getting along better than ever as Teresa shared on her podcast that she is looking forward to celebrating. Considering how Dina had a rough time living this reality show, it’s not surprising that she ended up feuding with her sister Cat Manzo. She also found Danielle Staub annoying and said that this person lies a lot.

There’s no love lost between Teresa and Dina on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so everyone is really relieved to see them using social media to show they’re still friends. Such a rare occasion these days that you can actually like what both of them are sharing! Although Dina won’t be coming back anytime soon, viewers are looking forward to seeing Teresa onscreen during the next season of RHONJ. She and Louis will also share their marriage day in a limited series. It’s true that Dina couldn’t make it to the nuptials. But there’s no doubt she’ll support her friend by watching the show.

Reality blurb

Farrah and Alexia on the RHOBH aftermath

In West Hollywood, Farrah and Alexia, daughters of RHOBH star Kyle Richards, sat down with The Cut to talk about various aspects of the show and some personal ones. They said that the current season has been a tough one for their family – but they understand that people are likely to always criticize them because it is a reality show.

As per Reality Blurb, Farrah said:

She has been really upset about the downturns we’ve seen. Every day she cries, I see it. I ask her “how are you holding up?” and she says “it’s tough for me to take.” I don’t know how long she can keep going on like this without any relief. It’s definitely a lot more comfortable knowing what people think of you at any given time – but it can also be a burden if their opinion of you changes in the future.

How RHOBH affected their family dynamics

In the wake of Kyle’s ongoing feud with Kathy Hilton over on RHOBH, it turns out that their children have also been affected. As reported by Page Six, Farrah has admitted that the RHOBH drama has strained her relationship with cousin Paris Hilton.

She said the situation is painful and so she and Paris discussed “it” when they met up. Both of them, being close to their moms, want to avoid drama interfering with their relationship.

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