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Reducing and optimizing data usage on your phone [Andoid & iOS]

Data usage can be something of a challenge, particularly when you fail to track your activities, especially when background data is running. Below is a detailed breakdown of how to make sure your data lasts as long as you need it to. 

Let’s face it, cellular data, as much as it comes in handy, is somewhat expensive. It is particularly costly for people who depend on it entirely for everything they do online. If you are not careful, you may find yourself out of the data package to which you subscribed long before the month hits the end. For this reason, it is important to find means and ways to make sure that your allocated data lasts the entire while, and that it is not lost to activities that could easily have been avoided. Here is how to make sure that you optimize your cellular data usage.

How to reduce and optimize cellular data usage 

Disable Wi-Fi assist

One of the most common ways in which you lose your cellular data is through Wi-Fi assistance. With Wi-Fi assistance, your cellular data steps in and acts as a backup for your Wi-Fi when the latter becomes slow, or when it is unable to load. Many people almost have no idea that their cellular data acts as a backup to their Wi-Fi. And that it gets consumed every time the Wi-Fi gets slow or disconnected. To make sure that you do not lose data in this way, go to your phone’s settings and turn Wi-Fi assist off. 

Restrict background data

Restrict background data

When background data is on, many applications are allowed to run even without your knowledge. They tend to update and even refresh without requesting permission. This way, you end up using a lot more data than you intended to without your knowing it. 

It is important to note that it is best to restrict background data for individual apps as some run best when background data is on. To disable background data, go to your phone’s Settings and select Network and Internet, then click on Mobile Network. Proceed to click on App Data. Select the app or apps whose background data you want to restrict, then click on Off next to Background Data.

Limit your data usage

Limit your data usage

This aspect is most relevant to persons who use unlimited data plans, or who use post-paid plans. When your data is limited, you may not know how much data you are using. Especially, when you have such arrangements as background data running on multiple apps and Wi-Fi assist.

To make sure that you do not use more data than you intend to, it is wise to limit data usage. Go to your mobile device’s settings and select Data Usage. Proceed to the field labeled Billing Cycle and click on Data Usage and Billing Cycle. You will have the freedom to set a limit to the amount of data you intend to use every month. Your settings also allow you to auto disconnect every time to reach the set data limit.

Download your content as opposed to streaming

Streaming content is easily one of the fastest ways to deplete or use excess data. It is important to remember that when you stream a movie or a song, you use up active data. If you watch one movie 5 times, you will use 5 times the data you would have if you had downloaded and saved the movie on your hard drive. While streaming sites are more common and readily available, there are certain download sites like The Pirate Bay that deliver content in high resolution. You can, in this way, enjoy a movie or documentary as many times. As you like without having to use your cellular data over and over.

Update apps over Wi-Fi

Apps are constantly asking to update. And if you are not careful, they will conduct an update every time one is available. Go on to Play Store if you are using Android and select ‘Auto-update apps on Wi-Fi only’ to make sure that you do not lose data when Wi-Fi is unavailable



For most internet users, one of the most important considerations. They make is how much money they spend on data on a regular basis. Without the right knowledge, you may end up using too much without your authorization or approval. Try as best as you can to find means and ways to keep your data usage to a minimum without having to skimp on online activity.

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