Roblox r34 Video Goes Viral On Twitter


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Roblox r34 Video Goes Viral On Twitter

And even Roblox isn’t spared now too, with a video posted on Twitter getting over a million views since it went viral. The video aptly termed as r34 Roblox Halloween shows Roblox avatars engaging in having gay sex explicit behavior. Which has doused the never-ending thirst of the users.




The video you watched has left lots of people feeling mortified and they’re asking themselves why they made the decision to watch it in the first place, thinking it might be too violent to cope with.

It’s not going to be the last time we see videos of anime/ game/ cartoon characters giving each other a real hump.


Was R34 Roblox created in 1989?

The popular Roblox gaming platform was founded in 1999 by Erik Cassel who joined Knowledge Revolution in 1998. After acquiring MSC Software Corporation in 1999, he parted from John Shedroff to form Roblox Corporation five years later then Roblox r 34 was published in 2004,


Is it ok for adults to play Roblox R34?

The Roblox community is mainly of young children. However, there is no age limit or minimum age requirement to play. There is no need to purchase the game and it is completely public. Plus, there are many games with a wide variety of themes, like more mature ones that are appropriate for older players.


Is R34 safe for PC?

According to Brian Jaquet, Senior Public Relations Director of Roblox, there is no chance that playing on Roblox could ever cause users to get viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. The game platform is not capable of spreading any malicious code, loading harmful programs, or uploading personal information. It also has no ability to obtain and share illegal information with other people.

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