Robots In 2050


Robot In 2050, our planet will be the vast lead in life for example the robots will take place of our cashiers, the buses will drive by their self  ,payment methods will be totally change you can say it the utter era of that century.

robot in 2050

The single press of voice command you house will operate your lights your hanging dresses even many more. If we focus robots as our defense purpose the casualty ration will be zero as compare to human arms. This era can be affected as for delivering in all over the world on single touch.

You can say a golden era in which the things will more one step ahead than today. Quantum computer as quantum physics can lead in computers because of many of injuries can be determine by micro chips. Many of disable persons can be able to move as balance of normal people the fantasy will be in real.

Robot cars in 2050

In travel you can be able to visit all over the different planets too it will not stay on this world only, a life of journey on next level edges. The best era which will be taken by robot in 2050 will transportations, cars and many others ways.

The electric cars (EV) in 2014 is 4 hundred thousand which are registered, in 2019 the quantity was 4.2 million in 2025 it will be more than 15 million but 2050 will be completely on electric cars.

The revolution of cars will also be dam friendly for atmosphere the pollution ration which is 75% in current situation will be only 10%. The auto mobile will be driverless many of companies has spent billions of dollars on technology for better future. Robots are the edge of universe for our better life style as contras today.

The revolutionary preferences of that Era:

The revolution not stops here only it will be on next level as well because the TESLA company already working on it. The ELON MUSK has created tunnels under the road for testing to transport parcels for long distance in short number of time.

The company star ship which is working along robots is working on shuttle to transport people on other planets. Robots in 2050 will insane they will provide you the different experience of thrill in plans which will be more precise.

The electricity generation sector will be the revolutionary era with the help of robot in 2050 they will create the compressed air. The compressed air will generate electricity which will be the eco friendly and people can live more.

The wind turbines can generate enough electricity to consume for entire whole world. With the help of turbines you can also reduce the thermal pressure of the Earth which is 76%. The high temperature is causing in the form of ice melting which is more panic state. Robots in 2050 will teach you best and student can get individually as well from them as compare to ordinary teacher.

The 37 nations are collaborating on ITER which cost is 50 million dollars. This is the fusion reactor which can be revolutionary. Robot in 2050 will alter their works with their self for example the can bear the pressure of fusion reaction. They can bear whole of harm without harming any state and it will be the revolutionary art.

The spaceX company is more willing to send people on moon for normal life with the help of robots they performed the mission and it was successful but till in 2050 they are focusing if the earth collapse the moon will be the best  place for surviving.

Technology can save or destroy us:

Robots in 2050 can save us but the survey of 2017 was they can be more lethal than human being. The survey tells future is bright but everything has its own cost this can be unpaid able. For example robots will create a flaw between our brain and body peace on average they assume there is round out 8% to 25% chances that it will be the worst outcome which means everything will be end.The robots in 2050 will help in reduce poverty rate. The cost will be our brain destructions according survey.

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Robots in 2050 in medical revolution

The robots in 2050 will be the best medical line up for companies and medical staff. Because human has entire different kind of rest states but with the help of robots thing can be fix because robots can work 24/7 without any break.

So the production rate of medicine will be double. It means if the company is diverging medicines in 72 hours the production flaw will be zero.So the amount of time will be quarter of all time this will be the revolutionary change this can be happen just because of robots.

In sugary field there are figure ratio of death is 25% of every country due to UN focus  of mind. But the robots can do these all with proper accuracy. So it mean the death ratio of surgeries could be minimize about 5% of its ratio. We can survive many more years as compare or contras today.


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Heart Transplant with the help of Robots in 2050

The heart cardiac arrest is the basic problem from which many of people are ding. But if we look with help of robots in 2050.The heart can work artificially there is no need of heart transplant. People can live with the help of technology the liver transplant ratio is the basic failure too more than 100 people die just because of it.

But if the robots will work perfectly they can fix liver cells without replacing it.Liver will work again as normal robotic chips can maintain your heart rates pulse and your mental approaches. The fact is you can beat your limits as compare to ordinary person,

The IQ approaches you can use your fully mind as you want in future according to your needs. The challenge will be you than the completion level will increase as well compare to study events. You can give quality study to students without any lack the literacy rate of education. Is more than anything in all over the world human strength is not eligible to give enough quality to their students. But robots in 2050 can do this without any faults. The fault error will be zero in all over the world.

This will be the revolutionary change in the word the robots are ban right now just because of humanity issue. They are machines they can kill anyone this is the dark side of the modern era.

Human robots in 2050

The robots in 2050 will have feelings as human has today. The future are robots because world want to be fast and toward the success.So if we can achieve the number of success in the whole universe the robots are only solution in all  right now.

They are only programmed to detect the feelings but they don’t have feelings by itself. But in china they performed the best interaction robot which behave like a human behaviors.  And this can be more friendly to mankind because if someone dies you can insert all of his/her memories in robot and he will behave like normal human being.

This will be the best imagination change for all but there is no authentic physical prove on it. But in theory they have proved that it could be possible. And it will be because the Japan is one hand ahead in all in robotic things.Because Japan is the city where from robots started and still. There are more than 50% companies uses robot for their work. This is more easy way to achieve success there why Japan produced quality products.

OCTAVIA  is programming the mind state of program in which robots in 2050 can anticipate mental state of human beings.That they have some of faith according to their intensions. It is all over the part of intension part human being have cortex mind state which control their emotions. But robot has cpu unit they don’t have the neurons network. So many of companies is working on it for better tomorrow and it will be possible in 2050 by robots.

Artificial Intelligence robot in 2050

According to economists 55% of human will be replaced by robots in 2050 it will called the Artificial Intelligence. If all of work will done by robots then what human being will do. So here are lots of more jobs to create best line up machines. Human can monitor robots (Artificial Intelligence System) that they are performing well or not. The unpleasant sides of robots are if there is any unusual errors accord they can torment human beings.

The data collection and monitoring system of world,

it will help in collecting data more easier than previous and will also overcome the noise, pollution and many other activates. Today, 65% of people live in urban area and a number which will increase to 87% in 2050 with the help of technology. Before robots the work was difficult for human but now they can do it more perfectly.

In the age of contractions the robot in 2050 will reduce the rate of human worker. And also the risk of deaths or casualties as compare today. They can create the whole empire in over a night. They can use robotically enhanced exoskeleton which can be moveable it means you can move buildings as well in 2050.

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