Smart Kitchen and the Internet of Things


The appliances in your kitchen might seem the most technologically advanced devices in your home, but wait till you hear how smart technology is changing all that. Think of all the smart devices in your home that you can manage and control through your smartphone. Need to turn off the lights while you are in bed? Click, the room lights are off now. Forgot to lock the doors? Another click. Now imagine if that was possible on your kitchen appliances.

Your smart kitchen appliances are connected to the internet, the same way all other devices in your home are, and they are also incredibly innovative in their ways of getting the job done. The purpose is to make your lives easier and better and in this article, we have compiled a list of smart kitchen appliances that will save you from slaving through the whole day.

Are the internet and smart kitchen appliances linked?

Certainly. The thing about smart kitchen appliances is that they can connect to your smartphones wirelessly. That is how you are able to monitor the progress of your smart kitchen appliances and manage their activities.

You can also control smart kitchen appliances remotely i.e. when you are out of your home. For this smooth maneuvering, you need to be connected to the same and compatible network connection. For instance, Xfinity also offers smart home services. But to manage all the smart devices in your home, you need to be subscribed to one of the Xfinity internet plans. If your kitchen appliance was connected to another Wi-Fi connection instead of Xfinity and your smartphone to Xfinity, then the whole user experience won’t be as smooth.

Hence, it is advised to make sure that your smartphone and smart kitchen appliances are connected to the smart home network.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Following are some of the smart kitchen appliances you can consider for your smart kitchen:

Smart Fridge

Along with being an entertainment screen for playing music or videos, a smart fridge lets you see content inside your fridge. Because there are cameras inside and that is how it shows what is available in your fridge. You can view it from your smartphone or the fridge screen.

Smart Oven

The smart oven suggests different recipes you can try every day. Whatever you are choosing to bake, the smart oven will automatically set up the heating in the perfect setting required for that dish. You can also check out the status of your food through your smartphone.

Smart Frying Pan

You can see the temperature of the food you are cooking in the smart frying pan. This insight prevents you from overcooking or burning your food! While connected to your smartphone, the smart frying pan will send you a notification when your food has reached the required temperature as well as notifications letting you know to add the next ingredients.

Smart Blender

Some smart blenders can simply blend all your ingredients at the touch of the button from your smartphone. While others can do everything including cooking, chopping, caramelizing, whisking, steaming, stirring, blending, kneading, grinding, simmering, grating, etc. As soon as you put in food, the smart blender sets the time, temperature, and speed. All you need to do is press the button and it will get the job done.  

Another cool feature about some smart blenders is that the device auto-measures the ingredient you have added in, so you don’t need to measure anything. The screen lets you know the status of your ingredients and how far along it has been prepared.

Smart Coffee Machine

This is a dream come true for all coffee lovers. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can select the kind of coffee you prefer to have on your smartphone that is connected to the coffee machine. Your coffee is then prepared as scheduled, soon as you reach the kitchen, saving you time and effort. 

Smart Kettle

If you are a tea lover, the smart kettle is the perfect smart kitchen appliance for you. It performs the same functions as you would expect from a coffee machine. Your tea will be ready and brewing as per schedule.

Smart Dishwasher

If you don’t like washing the dishes, then the smart dishwasher is for you. You can collect all the dirty dishes after the party, have them placed inside the dishwasher, and get them going whenever you want from the comfort of your bed.  


The idea of smart kitchen technology is to keep you connected to all your kitchen appliances so that you can check the status from your smartphone, no matter where you are. All these smart kitchen appliances are already on the market, offering you comfort and convenience in your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Smart technology is taking over all corners of your home, even the kitchen. The beauty of this technology is that, with the help of the internet of things, it allows you to stay connected to your kitchen appliances. You can control and manage these appliances through your smartphones at your own convenience.


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