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Steel detailing jeemon vg

Structural Steel Detailing & Engineering

ECF is a service-oriented company that has been around for quite some time. Our team of experienced engineers excels in the design and fabrication of steel details for a number of industrial, automotive, farming, marine, aerospace, and defense needs.


We use the latest 3D modeling software through Tekla Structures to detail your project. This software allows us to accurately coordinate BIM, shop drawings, and CNC machine information, which ensures high-quality results for your project. We never outsource any major aspects of our business to other countries. We keep the entire process in-house and made sure our staff is well-versed in engineering, so you are confident that our services are top-notch.

Everything you need in Buildings for Structural Steel Detailing  jeemon  vg

Follow these steps to use AutoCAD software to automatically generate necessary General Arrangement Drawings, fabrication details, Isometric Drawings, Single-Part Drawings and a Beam-Column Assembly. Then you can take that drawing and turn it into designing a truss in CATIA.

You can reduce documentation production time and errors with advanced 3D BIM Tools that help to model, design, and schedule steel building structures. They also provide a level of accuracy that other alternatives just can’t give you.

BIM for Steel Buildings – From Design to Detailing in One Model

ideCAD Structural Steel Detailing Software is a BIM tool that enables the transition from design to detailed models without disrupting the process. Hence, it allows for fewer changes and generates more accurate steel detailing automatically.

Steel Detailing for Beam Column Assembly

steel detailing jeemon vg
steel detailing jeemon vg

Structural and Specialty Steel Detailers

Leading-edge technology and innovation are now available in the steel detailing industry. LTC supplies high-quality shop drawings and 3D models that cater to projects of all scales. LTC is recognized as an industry leader in implementation and support. They’re frequently featured at NASCC events and have also spoken at Tekla events throughout North America that span from Seattle to Las Vegas, to the Philippines with a focus on technology trends.

Our offices

We are based in Onalaska, Wisconsin, home of America’s Dairyland. All of our business activities take place from here including client interaction and project management. We offer our clients the most competitive rates because we love working hard for them! TritonTek is a provider of expert finishes that includes interior and exterior fabrication. TritonTek’s focus on employee loyalty, as well as its productivity, has led to profit that allows the company to invest in improved technology at a vast discount while still turning a healthy profit. By utilizing TritonTek’s production crews in Wisconsin, we have created a cost-effective option to send production to multiple locations and reach people all over the world. After using our in-house delivery and administrative services, customers are able to reap greater benefits without losing on the convenience & peace of mind that domestic detailing provides.

Our History

Since we’ve been founded in 1985, one of our core values has been to build strong relationships with the people & companies we work with. As one of the leading agencies in the country, we have developed a rich history of working with some of the most well-established architectural firms, engineering firms, and steel fabricators. We’ve taken a different approach other than creating service designs based on conventional 2D drawings. We provide the most exquisite 3D models with a commitment to attentive customer service. This ensures that every design is completely customized and customizes your experience in the shop. Our detailing process allows our company to keep ahead of the industry’s technology. We have state-of-the-art software and customized it to suit our needs, so we facilitate better communication between us and our clients.
Tekla Structures is software that can be used as an AI program. It helps companies focus on what is important – the accuracy of their results – while also understanding how to implement a long-term, sustainable model with the client themselves. This partnership will lead to better collaboration and customer retention. Our clients realize the benefits of working with us, not only on their behalf but also simultaneously benefiting their customers.

Steel Detailing for Truss Drawing

steel detailing jeemon vg
steel detailing jeemon vg

Delegated Design

Make sure you’re not unnecessarily disqualified from bidding on a project due to delegated responsibilities. Increasingly more projects are being handled by those who have the ability to handle design and construction elements, ensuring that there is never a need for a division of labor. You can trust ECF to take on any engineering task related to your projects. We provide you with comprehensive calculations with the most up-to-date software, as well as a Professional Engineer stamp.


Whether you’re looking for the design of a commercial building or adding on a new floor or tower, ECF can help. We offer design calculations to assist our clients to visualize their plans before the project is executed. “Whether it’s large or small scale” means our team will work with you until you’re completely satisfied with the design no matter what size, “large or small”!

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