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The role of software engineers

Software engineers develop systems and software for organizations in a variety of sectors, ranging from business applications and games to operating and network control systems. They apply the principles of engineering and knowledge of programming languages in order to build software solutions for users and clients. 

There is a huge variety of jobs available for software engineers, examples of which include: cyber security analyst, game developer, system analyst, multimedia programmer, web developer, forensic computer analyst, database administrator and applications developer. 

Common responsibilities of software engineers

Duties can include collaborating with a variety of clients such as developers and other engineers in order to identify their needs and create relevant software solutions. They could also develop, design and test applications and systems, and draw models and diagrams in order to assist developers in the creation of code. 

Additionally, software engineers are often required to document systems and applications in detail. For those responsible for future upkeep and maintenance and recommend upgrades for existing applications and systems.

Software engineers are generally either systems developers or application developers. 

The role of a systems developer

A systems developer, also known as a backend engineer, builds solutions such as computer systems and networks that front end, or user-facing, applications need. 

This can be done in various ways including ensuring that different types of software programs are able to communicate with each other on one platform, creating and enforcing IT standards within a specific infrastructure and installing new software solutions when required. Other duties of a systems developer include maintaining documentation on IT systems. Collaborating with senior systems architects, development teams and data science professionals.

The role of an application developer

Application developers are more client focused, tending to work on either the front end or back end of systems to design software that end users will interact with. Tasks will include developing applications for Windows, Android, iOS. Or other operating systems and working with graphic designers, project managers and customer-facing departments. They may also analyze requirements and tweak software when needed and release software updates when necessary.

Potential employment settings

Software engineers could be employed by a company specializing in software engineering or development or other areas within information technology. Which could be broad in scope or very specific such as app or website development. Alternatively, there are many opportunities to work in an in-house IT role for companies in a variety of sectors. Such as within manufacturing, media, utilities, financial services, healthcare and government departments.

Top hard and soft skills for software engineers

Broadly speaking, the most useful hard and soft skills and knowledge include data science. Algorithms and machine learning, coding languages including C++, Python and JavaScript. The use of Git and GitHub are also key, while an up-to-date understanding of cloud computing, database technologies. Such as SQL and project management and software development lifecycles are also important. Soft skills such as problem solving, communication, and collaboration, patience, critical thinking, time management. The ability to collaborate and work as a team and adaptability are also vital.

The nature of new technology means that any software engineers employed within sectors. That use it will be expected to constantly update their knowledge and skills and awareness of new developments and trends. 

Emerging technologies

One of the emerging technologies that software engineers will need to be aware of includes artificial intelligence. Which assists engineers in acquiring information and data, and is able to help design software based on a client’s needs and budget. 

Blockchain technology is also something engineers need to have knowledge of. It is an advanced database mechanism that allows the transparent sharing of information within a business network. Acting as a digital ledger which both sides of a business transaction can access and use to track orders, payments, productions (and more) end to end. With its rise, industries are witnessing the growing importance of specialized tools and techniques for developing blockchain-oriented software.

Virtual reality are revolutionizing many industries

Additionally, augmented reality and virtual reality are revolutionizing many industries and have had a huge impact on the software industry already. Engineers must work with a large amount of data on the web and in cloud databases. Develop significant knowledge of programming languages in order to create products in this space.

Advanced algorithms are now being used to help automate everyday work. On top of mastering a variety of programming languages. Software Engineers must have a strong understanding of the continuous integration, delivery & deployment practices (CI/CD). Which are crucial to maintaining efficiency in an agile environment. Which eventually impacts the timely release of product updates.

Getting the right knowledge and education

In our increasingly tech-based world, the employment prospects for software engineers and the  future of SWE within the global economy is positive. Earning the right qualifications to thrive and move forward within the industry is vital. Programs such as Baylor University’s online Master’s in Computer Science are designed to accelerate the success of students within the software engineering field. 

This 100% online degree teaches students how engineering concepts apply to software projects. In the software engineering track, focus is placed on advanced object-oriented development, advanced software engineering, distributed systems and software verification and validation.

Gathering the tools to ensure candidates are prepared for a long-term career within technology. Focusing time and energy in the right course is an important investment for a thriving future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment of software developers. Quality assurance analysts and testers is projected to grow 25% between 2021 and 2031. Which is faster than the average for all occupations. There are about 411,400 openings expected for these roles over that decade.


All sectors and industries now require software solutions that can help streamline work and processes, and the demands for software change almost daily. Opening a range of opportunities to innovate and develop for software organizations. This means that software engineers constantly need to learn new languages and skills in order to stay up to date with developments. Thanks to the availability of completely online education programs. It is now easier than ever to start a new career as a software engineer and to keep up to date with the constantly changing demands. There has never been a better time to consider entering this in-demand field. 

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