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Things to ask a Microsoft office 365 consultants

Things to ask a Microsoft office 365 consultants


Are you interested in acquiring a Microsoft Office 365 solution? Perhaps you should really explore hiring a professional to assist you with the approach. What for? Because Office 365 is continually growing and expanding, it is indeed probable that you’ll want experienced assistance to get the most out of the software. A consultant may also provide long-term advice and assistance to support you in making Microsoft Office 365 work for your business today and in the coming days.


Microsoft Office 365 is practically the whole of your standard Office programs in the cloud. All of this promotes company flexibility and the Bringing Your Own Devices (BYOD) for Workplace strategy by allowing you to connect your workplace from any location, on any platform, at any moment. Confidentiality and unauthorized access tracking are used to provide protection. Then how can one be certain that you’re selecting the best Office 365 service for their company? For illustration, what if you experience interruption and want fast access to the email, internet, or server?


Indeed, because the industry is busy, you must select your advisor wisely. Below are four vitally important qualities to seek in a Microsoft Office 365 consultant to guarantee you get the insight you desire.

Microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365


  1. Your adviser must be well in all aspects of Office 365


The ideal expert will realize the entirety of what Microsoft Office 365 and what it really provides. It encompasses most of its complexity and aspects, as well as strategies to ensure everything performs together as effectively as possible. This indicates your advisor must grasp Office 365’s infrastructure resources, like whether it processes email and effortless instant messaging, as well as the professional and social sides, – for example Yammer, and SharePoint Online. A professional with this depth of knowledge can assist you in making the most out of Office 365’s proven capabilities.


Most Office 365 specialists understand the various architecture but are less comfortable with the enterprise and interpersonal aspects. To achieve the greatest results, seek an expert who can provide both.


  1. Your counselor should assist you today and in the future


Continuous assistance and technical consultation seem to be important attributes that an advisor may provide. Office 365, apart from earlier editions, is not a stable solution, which indicates you may fall below if you ever do not enjoy continuous assistance.


When a consultant does not value the necessity of developing a connection that extends above the first installation, you should reconsider whether he is the ideal consultant for you and your business. The right professional will assist you in addressing the issue, What does migrating to Office 365 literally mean for your business? and it will assist to assure that your short and long-term purposes are achieved.


  1. Your expert must assist you again with Migration 


Will your expert assist you in migrating all of your information to Microsoft Office 365? Through your managed SharePoint environment, social media data, or Dropbox files? Transferring data on your behalf may be time-consuming and stressful, with the danger of losing vital data if you will not do it properly. Select a specialist that can assist with migrating to guarantee that the entire process goes efficiently.


  1. Your counselor ought to be familiar with the term environment


Is your advisor familiar with the complete Office 365 environment? Almost all businesses provide software solutions and services that stand on top of Office 365, enhancing or improving user engagement. Your specialist should recognize the software environment so that businesses can discover the best solutions in any circumstances.


4 Things to ask a Microsoft office 365 consultants


Here comes the core of the matter. Whether you’re thinking about shifting to Office 365 to assist your company’s migration and mobility strategy, or for some other purpose, you should consider the 4 questions below.


  1. Customer support


Would you receive the necessary performance and effectiveness of customer service assistance?


Suppose you’re preparing to give a keynote at a company’s workplace and want to access the email containing your slide document suddenly you realize your email is inaccessible. The simple option will be to contact Microsoft and request that they solve it as soon as possible. However, because you have not subscribed for the highest level of service, you are assigned a report and put on a waitlist. Your essential conference is already over-long whenever your email is restored. So, customer support from your provider is essential. For example, reliable firms like INTELLIWORX give higher priority here.  


  1. Data protection and confidentiality 


Do you absolutely sure that your cloud services provider could provide a sufficient standard of privacy protection for your company data?


When you operate a small to medium-sized firm, Office 365 is expected to provide greater protection than you could ever likely pay on your behalf. However, when security is key to your organization, ensure that your data is often accessible and in accordance with legislative and commercial laws. So, check if the provider ensures certified data recovery.


  1. Data reliability


Should you have adequate system availability and data connectivity?


Microsoft claims 99.9% data stability, which may be sufficient for certain organizations; but, unavailability might have serious consequences, particularly if you work in a highly regulated field such as significant financial activities, medical, power, or governmental office.


Having acknowledged this with your proposal, inquire if the service ensures enhanced protection for Office 365 and provides you with more performance and reliability. This implies that both efficiency and regulatory standards are met, allowing you to continue working on the go while being comfortable that you are not compromising your business by having fewer assistance.


  1. Data backups


Have you understood how or even if you may need to retrieve your data again then if your cloud solution discontinues several of the operations?


The data is important to the success of your business. Be sure you understand the procedure in this circumstance and you are comfortable with that as well.


Final words…


Before appointing a consultant, perform your research to assure that you choose someone who can assist you with each and every step of your Microsoft Office 365 experience, from initial implementation to content integration to enhanced planning. Evaluate how effectively a specialist is prepared to assist you mostly in long term, following the first implementation to ensure you have what you require.


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