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What Is Mobile Testing? Strategies for Device Testing

What Is Mobile Testing? Strategies for Device Testing

Mobile testing is becoming more and more important. And for each kind of mobile testing, it’s important to have the right plan and tools and also a good software testing services company. Here, you’ll find out what mobile testing is and what you need to know to do it well.

What is mobile testing needed for?

Mobile app testing services are the process of making sure that mobile apps work, are easy to use, and are consistent. You can test apps on mobile devices by hand or with automation.

Mobile Testing


Teams must test mobile applications across several screen resolutions, operating system versions, and network bandwidths for app testing to be effective. This ensures that the application will function perfectly on a variety of device configurations when it is published to the public.


Generally speaking, testing mobile applications covers the following:


  • Performance testing across many OS versions (for example Android 7.0, 8.0, etc)
  • Appearance testing in both Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Validating compatibility and performance of applications with certain configurations
  • Compatibility testing for mobile sensors like the Gyroscope, Accelerometer and GPS.
  • Functionality testing of the application’s GUI (menus, dropdowns, navigation buttons, etc.).

Why is Mobile Application Testing so vital?

The ultimate purpose of building mobile applications is to expand the reach of businesses to more customers worldwide. Consumers, on the other hand, will be less inclined to utilize an app if it has flaws or is difficult to use. Obviously, no firm wants its consumers to delete its applications and move to a rival’s.


If mobile applications are not rigorously tested, there is a great likelihood that users may find serious problems on their devices, which can result in a negative user experience, especially for new users. Remember that first impressions are crucial to the success of any mobile application. Any unexpected app crash or functionality problem may result in the program’s instant removal. This also leads to lost money and prospective clients.


The following statistics demonstrate the importance of mobile application testing:


  • Eighty percent of users discard or uninstall a program that does not match their requirements.
  • 50% of users are likely to remove an app that takes up too much space on their smartphone.
  • 48 percent of users will delete or leave a sluggish app.

How can your company benefit from App Testing?

There are over 9000 unique mobile devices, and end-users may install and utilize the application on any device. Obviously, the application must be sufficiently tuned for the device in order to work properly.


The proliferation of smartphones has resulted in a rise in mobile device use. By 2026, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.5 billion. That’s double the rise since 2016, when there were 3.6 billion smartphone users.


The data imply that mobile device use will increase significantly in the near future. The proliferation of mobile devices will also spur the creation of sophisticated mobile applications designed to make commercial services more accessible. Obviously, companies will need to ensure that their mobile applications are optimized and compatible with future handsets. This can only be accomplished by testing and optimizing applications on the most recent mobile devices.


Mobile app testing validates the look, functionality, and performance of applications across numerous devices. Optimizing applications for common mobile-OS combinations among the target audience enables the app to give a smooth user experience regardless of the device or operating system. It helps provide new users with a strong and customer-centric experience. In a nutshell, the likelihood of expanded outreach increases as the quality of the user experience improves.

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