How often replace ortho k lenses

How often replace ortho k lenses

Our main question is how often to replace ortho k lenses. The answer is that we should replace the lens after 1 or 2 years. It depends upon its condition. It is necessary to replace ortho k lenses timely to increase their reshape ability. Because wear and tear changes reshape ability with passing time. We should replace them regularly. We can reduce the chances of inflammation and infection through proper replacement. To understand the renewal of the ortho k lenses one should know about this technology completely.

Introduction to Ortho k lenses?

These are contact lenses that are gas_permeable and we use them against different eye diseases. The use of this technology is mainly for reshaping the cornea which reduces the chances of different eye diseases e.g. myopia and hyperopia. They were discovered in the 1940s. We can use this technology at night and we will be able to see everything clearly for the whole day with the help of Google Lense For iPhone.

Is this a new innovation?

ortho k lenses
ortho k lenses

Normal perception about this optical device is that it is a new innovation but its use started in the 1940s as mentioned earlier. Its discovery came into being when doctors came to know the fact that ortho k lenses can reshape the cornea. Many developments occurred in the next few decades but this technology didn’t gain light until the 1990s. However, after 1990 this technology developed very fast. Much new computerized software was added in this field.

myopia is one of the main eye diseases in children and orthokeratology proved to be best for this disease.

Ortho k lenses cost

If you are facing any type of eye disease in which you have to use a contact lens then it will cost you $500 per year. and if you want to use lenses of a good quality that may cost you $600 to $800. However, there are ongoing debates whether we should buy the lense online or from retailers shops to save money. But the cost of a lens solution is surprisingly very high as it costs almost $150 to $200 per year.

Now if we will compare this price with ortho k lenses price then we will come to know that price of ortho k lens is much lower than that of normal contact lenses price. At the start, the cost may be high due to many reasons but the lens’s solution could be the same as that of a normal lens. But unlike others in which we require a supply every year, ortho k lenses require a resupply after two to three years.

The price of orthokeratology also depends upon your doctor’s prescription. But it will never be more than bi-weekly lenses. The price of these lenses at $800 per year is more affordable than ordinary glasses.

Ortho k lenses side effects

There are many benefits of using this technology. But there are some sides effects that are not similar to that of normal contact lenses.

  • A most striking side effect of using this highly efficient technology at night may cause a lack of oxygen for the eye. This hypoxia condition will lead to swelling of the cornea and ultimately leads to clouding.
  • orthokeratology may result in a high risk of microbial infection including bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Although the use of this precise technology is highly successful it is riskier than wearing glasses.



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